Yugoslav War Tribunal Gives Ratko Life in Prison

The commander of Serbian forces during the Yugoslav Wars of the 90s, Ratko Mladic, was sentenced to life in prison today by the UN Yugoslav War Tribunal. Mladic had been extradited from Serbia to the Hague to stand before the tribunal in 2011.

Mladic was held responsible for the three year siege of Sarajevo (11,000 dead) and the massacre of men and boys in the town of Srebrenica (8,000 dead) among his war crimes.

More on the sentencing of Mladic Here

More on the legacy of the tribunal Here

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  1. America took the wrong side:
    And that Ratko fella may not be quite the monster the jihad enabling left wishes to make him out to be.

    But it was Bosnian Serb commander Colonel-General Ratko Mladic who gave the order to evacuate the women and the elderly from Srebrenica.

    So, there was a massacre at Srebrenica in July 1995. The question begging to be asked is: What happened before the massacre occurred?

    Srebrenica, a predominantly Muslim town, was designated as a “UN Safe Zone” defended by around 600 Dutch UN peacekeepers. Between 1992 and 1995, Bosnian Muslim forces were smuggling weapons into the protectorate, attacking Serb positions as well as using it as a base to launch attacks on surrounding Serb villages. During that time, Bosnian Muslim forces under the command of Naser Oric massacred an estimated two-thousand Serbs including women and children.

    Oric’s Bosniak Muslim troops raped, disembowelled, beheaded and roasted alive their victims. Curiously, all of these atrocities were ignored by the Western media who had singled out the Serbs as being the aggressors from the very start of the war.

    More at the link.
    Bare Naked Islam also has a wealth of information about this stuff.

  2. I consider myself qualified to be a tour guide of Bosnia having been there on four different trips between 1990 to 2007, three of them exploring the country extensively by car. The muslims I encountered were educated, many spoke English, and because I was American they were very friendly to me. On the other hand the Serbs were surly and suspicious while the Croats were mostly indifferent. I wept at Srebrenica seeing the mass graves and reading the surnames of families that were wiped out. I talked to people that survived the relentless sieges of Zenica and Sarajevo. What I didn’t get was the Serbian story but now I have come to understand what they were dealing with. Even though Bosniaks (Bosnian muslims) look and talk like the Serbs and Croats, it is islam that constituted a threat to the Serbs. Just as with the Albanian muslims in Kosovo the Serbs saw the handwriting on the wall and took the only pre-emptive action that made sense for their survival.

  3. it wasn’t a wag the dog scenario. it has been and continues to be a concerted effort to destroy the west. this was one of the first recent battles for the conquest of the world by the religion of peace.

    Bat Ye’or has done a great job of exposing the paper trail and complicity of OIC and europe.

  4. Protect the muslims. That’s all I remember about this conflict.

    Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un, has no INTERPOL warrant for his arrest for Crimes Against Humanity.

  5. “War” crimes?
    Isn’t it kinda funny how the victors are always squeaky clean?
    Never had any “War” crime tribunal against WT Sherman, did we?
    Or those guys who bombed (killing) 800,000 Kraut civilians, did we?
    Or the French Algerians who raped and murdered their way across Italy?

    What happens to Mladic has no bearing on my life, whatsoever, but the preening pukes who do this make me sick. The Soviet Union sat on the Nuremberg Trials after murdering 30 Million Ukrainians and postured as seeking “justice.”

    Absolute hypocrisy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. @Tim: I have never agreed with anyone more in my life.
    After a war, the victors always hold the war crimes trials,
    and the losers always sit in the docks.
    Funny how that works.

    If the Germans had somehow managed to win in WW2 (an impossibility
    in February, 1945, I know). both Winston Churchill and
    Arthur (“Bomber”) Harris would have been strung up with
    piano wire for the despicable, unnecessary bombing of Dresden.


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