1 Billion in Damages Awarded in Rape Case???



Jury Awards Record $1B to Georgia Rape Victim

 “A jury, from now on, will know there is no ceiling on the damages that rape causes to a woman,” attorney L. Chris Stewart said Wednesday after a jury awarded his client $1 billion in a civil case. Hope Cheston, now 20 years old, was 14 years old when she was raped by armed security guard Brandon Zachary on a picnic table outside a friend’s birthday party in Jonesboro, Ga. Jurors in Clayton County awarded her the verdict against his employer, Crime Prevention Agency Inc., reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Zachary, 28, began serving a 20-year sentence for the Oct. 2012 rape in 2016.

Cheston says her personality changed after the attack and she became “very shut off.” “Sexual assault is sexual assault,” she says. “It’s not right and it needs to be punished.” . She is a sophomore at Fort Valley University and plans to continue her studies. It’s not clear how much of the award she will receive, since the security firm isn’t worth $1 billion.


12 Comments on 1 Billion in Damages Awarded in Rape Case???

  1. Ok. So is the penalty for falsely accusing a man of rape also a billion dollars?

    Rape is a crime. The penalty is jail. If the penalty is also to include non-dischargeable, limitless unjust enrichment then it incentivizes false accusations.

  2. The court system like the FBI and our other government institutions are becoming laughable. It’s hard to take serious and have respect for our foundational structures with this sort of lunacy going on. This is another example of what happens when the idiots of the left influence society.

  3. it’s all fun and games for the left until it comes up and bites them in their ass.

    I hope some wrongly accused man can benefit from the recent ruling too.

    I would like to know what the employer had to do with the rape.

  4. The only ones who will collect are the lawyers. The incentive for the company is now to go broke challenging the award.

  5. Hmm … come to think of it, he MAY have sexually assaulted #MeToo.
    I’ll settle for a tenth of that – just send the check.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. First, ask yourself why a security guard was required at a picnic in Jonesboro, GA.

    Every member of the jury was mentally spending their own $1 billion free money payday.

  7. There’s a strange, unexplained line in the NYTimes story, that the actual rapist is serving 20 years for “statutory rape”.

  8. @bill: “What did the employer have to do with the rape?” Exactly! Unless they ignored past rape convictions, the employer would be blameless, except that is where the money was. The employer was stuck between a rock and a hard place; they would have been sued for not hiring a black man.

  9. Actual consequences of stupid libs making themselves feel better:

    1) Rape victim does not ever receive $1B, in fact, not even close.
    2) Greedy lawyers make off with $millions.
    3) The number of false rape charges go through the roof.
    4) Security Guard company is forced to declare bankruptcy and close it doors.
    5) A bunch of black males just lost their jobs.
    6) The homeless population of Atlanta just went up.

    Feel happy now Lib?


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