$ 1 Billion Medicare Fraud

Miami nursing home owner Philip Esformes and two others were charged on Friday by the Justice Department of paying kickbacks and bribes in order to put thousands of patients in his nursing homes, then over charging the government for unnecessary and even dangerous procedures.

The article goes on to say that of the $600 billion Medicare program, investigators have caught between “$1 to $2.5 billion” in fraud annually.  So I guess the Medicare Fraud Strikeforce has just about met the quota for this year on this one case.  More


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  1. In those facilities, they were often given medically unnecessary and sometimes harmful treatments, which were then billed to Medicare and Medicaid, according to court papers. Esformes attorneys Marissel Descalzo and Michael Pasano of Carlton Fields said their client “adamantly denies these allegations and will fight hard to clear his name.”

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