1 in 3 Aborted in NYC

New York City has the unique distinction of having the highest abortion to live birth rate in the nation. For 2014, the most recent year available from the Centers for Disease Control, the number of abortions performed in the five boroughs is “more than one in three babies aborted in New York City, and its abortion rate is more than 1/2 of its birth rate.”   This is while abortion rates dropped two percent from 2013 in the rest of the nation.


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  1. The Center for Disease Control isn’t really pulling its weight. There are still millions of liberals infiltrating the US like a plague. Comon’ CDC. Get crackin’!

  2. I wonder how many women come to NYC to have their abortion vs. how many that live there and abort their babies? It could throw the numbers off, but that is still a bad ratio of lives births to those not born.

    At some point NYC will have to import more people than are actually born and raised there to keep the city vital.

  3. @Zilla: That’s because the aborters used to get a $500 check from Crimestoppers, but they eventually ran out of money.


  4. If abortionists who kill babies, are heroes, then we have to include Hitler, Stalin and Mao, Mussolini, Ceausescu,
    Castro, Gueverra, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, countless Japanese samurai, Tojo, thousands of Japanese officers,
    the general officer who planned Pearl Harbor, etc.

  5. Their abortion providers are my heroes too. Now if we could just get them to pass lifecoach and psychotherapist Assisted Suicide then every other problem I have with them should work itself out shortly.

  6. These people are truly sick and evil. It is a scientific fact that a new human life begins at conception. A woman is not pregnant with a unicorn… it is with a baby. If she then chooses to maliciously and proactively have that baby killed than that is murder.

    See Democrats and liberal scum, it is not above your pay grade to see that what you do is disgusting. Repent of your sins!

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