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1 in 4 Drop Obamacare

There were 12.7 million people signed up for Obamacare in 2015, by the end of June there were 9.9 million left. That means roughly 1 in 4 people either dropped their Obamacare insurance or signed up and never paid for it.


400,000 were kicked out of their insurance because they couldn’t prove they were citizens. An unknown number were put into Medicaid or went on their spouse’s insurance.

Given that they have already signed up those who can’t be denied anymore (i.e. the most expensive patients) it’s going to be a real chore to find the nearly 12 million new enrollees (the healthy) to reach the stated goal of 21 million in 2016.


Given the expected 12% average rise in premiums next year, They’ll be lucky to hang on to the 9.9 million they have now.

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  1. It was never about providing insurance. With the cadillac tax, burden and taxes on employers, and all the other regulations about to hit, it is about making everyone dependent on the government and control of their lives.

  2. On top of that, a DC Circuit Court judge handed Barky’s admin another spanking this week. Rosemary Collyer decided quite pointedly that the House does indeed have standing to sue the exec branch for thumbing its nose at the constitutional requirement that payments from the treasury have to be authorized by congress. Duh.

  3. Obamacare seems specifically designed to bankrupt insurers.

    I have a GP who works from the clinic of a major hospital. He’s right around the corner from me, and I see him for simple stuff that doesn’t require a specialist.

    In the past it was never a problem to get a same-day or day-after appointment to see him. The minute Obamacare took effect, that changed.

    In June I had a sore, painful left thumb. It had been bothering me for a while, but suddenly became bad enough that I didn’t have full use of my left hand. I called his office, and the earliest appointment was twelve days later. I said I couldn’t wait that long and was referred to the hospital’s ER. So instead of paying $250 minus a $20 co-pay for an office visit, my insurer was on the hook for $1,600 minus a $60 co-pay. And the problem ended up being a simple thumb sprain.

    Last week I had strep throat. Same thing all over again. This is disgraceful.

  4. The Obamaphone phone program is alive and well. A table was set up outside of the Dollar Tree and they were handing out free phones. Unlimited minutes and texting. I was going to jump in line to see if I could get one, but it was too damn hot out and the line was too long. Like Obamacare, I want to see this Obamaphone go down as well.

  5. Which fits perfectly with my contention that if a president refuses to spend money on something, he doesn’t have to. That is, congress merely authorizes the president to spend money. If the president doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to.

    Elect me president and I’ll cut funding to the IRS, EPA, DOE, BATFE, whatever. I’ll stop spending so it will be a 5-10% cut a year. Watch the socialists squirm.

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