1. There are no mammograms at Planned Parenthood

Myths Dispelled During Planned Parenthood Oversight Committee Meeting.

EveryJoe: Tuesday’s Planned Parenthood Oversight Committee meeting saw the mega abortion provider’s president, Cecile Richards, sitting in front of congressional members for just over five hours. While there was plenty to see and hear, there were some very important moments that are worth noting.

1. There are no mammograms at Planned Parenthood

The myth that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms has been widely circulated for longer than many people can remember. While that myth has been disproven in the past, we now have it from the mouth of Richards herself, who was forced to admit this fact when asked directly about it from Representative Cynthia Lummis (R-WY). Furthermore, as Lummis pointed out, Planned Parenthood spent $5.1 million on travel alone, which equates to $14,000 a day.

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  1. Ya know, there’s not a damned thing I can do if private individuals and companies choose to donate time and money to PP. (but it would be good to know who they are, so that I could boycott them)
    But MY tax dollars, forcibly picked from my pockets by Gooberment, should not be used to fund PP against my will.

    Maybe there should be a check block at the top of the income tax forms, like the ones for the various political parties, that ask, “Do You Want To Have $1 Go To PP. This Will Not Raise/Lower Your Taxes.” Then see how many people CHOOSE to donate to PP.

  2. Back in my younger days, when people still used telegrams, I used to wish that someone would send ME a mammogram. That was before I found out that I had made a wrong assumption about what they really were…


  3. At the link:

    Planned Parenthood makes enough to function without government funding.

    Representative Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), during his time, pointed out that Planned Parenthood made an excess in revenue of $127 million. While Richards noted that this money is then reinvested into education and expanding, Mulvaney explained, if the congressional discretionary fund had seen to it that Planned Parenthood was given $60 million dollars less than they had last year, they could have provided every service they did to every woman who walked through their doors.

    The issue that people who oppose this organization and everything it stand for are not taking into account is that it isn’t so much the money that they are after it is that PP wants every American to be forced to validate PP. Progressive s are never well intentioned and to concede “good intentions” to the progressive movement is the first mistake. Never concede good intentions to a movement that h history of supporting increased innocent human suffering, misery and death on an epic scale – and if one takes a critical look at what the Progressive movement supported in the last century alone that survey should clear up any misconceptions regarding the intentions of the progressive movement.

    If there is a single mass genocidal regime or movement that the progressive movement did not support as it rose in stature and consolidated it’s hold on power, both financially and in their own contemporary periodical literature, it is a well kept secret. This movement is pure unadulterated evil and any good that has ever come out of anything they advocate for is by sheer coincidence.

  4. How is it that no one brought up the fact that PP is a virulently racist organization, murdering negro babies at 3x their populational proportion?

    Or that the FedGov has NO Constitutional authority to fund ANY of this stupid bullshit?

  5. I guess I misunderstood obamacare. I thought it was the answer to health care for EVERYone. Take from those that have to pay for those that don’t.

    If we support obamacare with our taxes, why the hell are we supporting PP for ‘health care’ with our taxes???? Cut the off. No more ‘health’ care funds from the taxpayer. Get your abortion money from selling your souls to the highest bidders.

  6. And part of that “excess revenue” is funneled right back into the campaigns of democrats that support planned parenthood. So dem politicians steal from taxpayers to give money to PP and then PP turns right around and gives them part of it back in the form of “campaign contributions”. That’s known as “conversion of stolen property” in any other legal purview.



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