10 Cars That Are Discontinued For 2016 – IOTW Report

10 Cars That Are Discontinued For 2016

Forbes: If there’s anything constant in the new-car business it’s change. New and fully redesigned models are released like clockwork every four-to-eight years, with modest mid-cycle updates coming once or twice in the meantime to keep a model line fresh and shoppers interested.


#9. Scion xB

But not all models are regenerated once they’ve reached the end of their respective lifecycles. A few vehicle lines are discontinued at the end of each model year, usually because of a lack of buyer interest and/or changing consumer tastes. Sometimes a vehicle is dropped altogether, while in other cases it’s essentially redesigned and renamed to give the line a second chance, especially if the prior version was plagued by poor reviews and/or dubious performance/reliability issues, or in the case of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, is renamed concurrent with a redesign under a new corporate nomenclature system.  more (with list)

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  1. I drive a 17 year old vehicle daily. I look around, I’m scoping out the other rides. I can’t say as though any of them are worth that much of my time, especially since about 2008.

    I used to really be into cars. Lately all I see is corporate goofs in the name of climate change trying to rip people off by making things shittier.

  2. I bought into a Hummer dealership with my uncle. We have 2 dozen
    Sitting in a warehouse. So I will be driving a Hummer till I die.
    No that that’s bad. They are brand new. Kinda.

  3. Sometimes models go away and come back later due in large part to nostalgia (Thunderbird, Camaro, Charger, Impala). Sometimes they go away and rightfully never come back (Pacer, Gremlin, K Car). These particular models look like they belong in the latter category.

  4. Have a 2012 Scion XB. Great car! I’m 6’4″ and 300 lbs.
    I get in and out of it without bending my neck or diving
    up or down to squeeze into it. Decent mileage, lots of
    storage, seats 5. Nice sound system and cheap price
    with Toyota reliability. The wife also loves it.

  5. That’s okay. Wait until Apple officially has their hat in the ring. Your car will not only be discontinued yearly, they will remotely disable it. Time to upgrade, bitches!

  6. Just bought an end-of-the-model-year 2015 F-150 LTD 4×4 – for Lady Struan. (Back-up camera?!) Too pretty for me – I’ll drive my ’07 150 hauling-fishing-towing-hunting-smoked in trusty steed till the wheels grind flat.

  7. I had a T-bird and an Impala. Both were money pits. The Impala ended up at the car shredder. On the other hand I had a ’72 Gremlin that was highly reliable, rarely needed repairs and was built of real metal. Wish I still had it.

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