10 Examples of Voter Fraud Across America

ARRA- Contrary to the assertions of many, voter fraud is not a myth.

It is a stark reality that exists nationwide, from the rural counties of Georgia to the urban centers of New York.

The Heritage Foundation has documented nearly 250 cases where nefarious citizens, officials, candidates and campaign operatives conspired to commit vote fraud, compromising the integrity of our elections to achieve their ideological goals.

That list is just a tiny sampling of voter fraud, and it keeps growing. In May, the Heritage Foundation highlighted several recent cases.

Here are some of the egregious new additions to the voter fraud database:


7 Comments on 10 Examples of Voter Fraud Across America

  1. I still, to this day, contend that 0bammy didn’t win the second election and I have my doubts about the first.
    All those precincts in Cleveland OH for example which had over 100% of registered voters who voted for 0bama and NO voters voted Republican.
    But, once again, and I guess I’ll be saying this to the day I die:

  2. I just finished reading this article seconds ago:


    and here is the money quote:

    “Minnite said someone may inadvertently cast an illegal ballot for a number of reasons, but that by itself is not proof that the person intentionally sought to cast a fraudulent ballot.”

    Nope, no voter fraud, just a bunch of illegal voting, so let’s move on.

    We could reduce the number of drunk driving convictions if we got rid of the requirement to have a Drivers License to drive right?

  3. My paternal, immigrant grandparents have been buried in St. Adalbert’s cemetery on Milwaukee Ave, just west of Devon, City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois since the 70’s. I’m pretty sure they’ve voted a straight Demolsleaze ticket in every municipal, county, State & Federal election to this very day.

    Pretty sure.

    My grandfather told me that you could never get pint or half-pint bottles of any kind of hooch anywhere in the city & county 4 or 5 days before Chicago election – the politicians & union stewards had bought them all up to buy votes on election day.

    “The Chicago Way.”

  4. Mr. Metz – you are spot on. Down in Cincinnait at the board of elections, I watched bus loads of Somalis come in and register and vote on the same evening. Problem: we didn’t have a huge Somali community at that time. Guatemalan, yes. Somali, no. None of the women on the bus spoke English. They were herded like cattle to the voting booth and told what to do. Ohio was STOLEN in 2012. I am sure of it.

    PS – actual registered voters – Dems of course – spit on me and called me every name in the book for trying to hand out Frederick Douglas Republican materials. Good times, good times.

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