10 more states file suit against Obama’s transgender bathroom nonsense – IOTW Report

10 more states file suit against Obama’s transgender bathroom nonsense

That makes 21.

CAINtv: Question: Let’s say a federal court orders the Obama Administration to release funds to states that don’t comply with Obama’s transgender bathroom nonsense, on the premise that Obama doesn’t have the power to make that a condition for receiving federal funds. Let’s say Obama just doesn’t bother to release the funds.

Who can make him?

If you answered “no one,” then you too have figured out what Obama long ago figured out. Checks on his power are strictly theoretical. Congress can pull back “the power of the purse” until Obama outlasts them in a media-aided government shutdown fiasco. The FBI can find evidence of a crime until Obama reminds them that the attorney general works for him. A court can order Obama to enforce immigration laws or to send states their money, but anyone who could forcibly cause him to comply works for him.  more

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  1. Imagine you’re not in the Twilight Zone but in an America where when the president starts changing laws after they’ve passed, refusing to enforce other laws, making up shit & enacting it with EOs, using numerous federal bureaucracies to punish his enemies, lying repeatedly in public policy statements and is caught EVERY TIME. What would happen? I would think he’d be impeached.

    The author nails the problem dead on. Obama/Jarrett knows because he’s black, because Congress is not much more then mannequins and that the left dominated media will back him up, he can literally do anyfuckingthing he wants. No one will do shit.

    That’s where we’re at. Like it or not. Now imagine he’s taken a liking to his digs and feels like he’s got more, much much more to do before he hits the lecture circuit. He is an ideologue not a pragmatist, that hates this country and has from Day 1, set out to “fundamentally transform” it.


  2. This is just like the ADA.
    At least this will be cheaper than putting a ramp on every street corner in the land.
    Just build a damn third bathroom, label it “Other” and have done with it
    Spend billions, feel good, go off and find another ‘crisis’

  3. Good!
    Last week a 37 yr old Cleveland man was arrested for voyeurism, filming and destruction of evidence at the Medina, OH Target.
    Target employees didn’t question when the man went into the women’s changing rooms and started filming a 20 year old.

    She caught him at it. Other customers chased him out of the store, watched him throw a cloth over his license plate and contacted police.
    The scum was quickly caught and arrested. He tried to delete the video he made and was unsuccessful.
    The entire time Target employees ignored the violation.

    Target went under in Canada and they didn’t learn a lesson. I hope they lose they lose and lose and lose.

  4. Eugenia,
    Target is already losing, after their Board said that they would allow any gender into any bathroom. People have been not shopping there in droves.

  5. If Federal funds were cut off to a State for resisting this invasion of privacy, I wonder what would happen if a State then refused to send in the Federal income taxes collected on its citizens. Would the Gummint order Federal troops to go in and get it? What would happen if the Governor of such a State ordered the National Guard (which I believe he controls) to resist those troops?

    Things could get interesting in a hurry.



  6. Lazlo, the trannys don’t want to be labeled as “other.” They want to be recognized as their chosen gender. We have a whole basket of pronouns to choose from. This is worse than the ADA since no amount of money will ever fix the mental issues expressed and accepted as normal. It’s a never ending money-pit, the absolute perfect thing for government to be involved in, right up there with climate change.

  7. So what do I stumble on this AM but another BS Target ‘trangender’ effing pervert.

    @B Woodman, hope they keep losing. I signed the Target boycott pledge and refuse to go there. DH and I try to shop locally or at Ohio-owned businesses as much as possible.
    There are a lot CCW’s in this county and one of these freaking perverts is going to get a gun jammed in their face or just shot if they mess with a child.

  8. Wtf? Lawsuit? This isn’t even a law, it just a royal decree. In case anyone has been in a coma for the last 20 years, the kangaroo courts are the last place conservatives want to go. The courts have been weaponized by the left with activist judges. Just ignore this BS, rather than give unelected liberal activist judges an opportunity to rewrite law with judicial Fiat. We are in the freakin twilight zone!

  9. VietVet,
    I’m confused on this. I agree with the sentiment (withholding FedGov income tax monies), but. . . .
    The states would have to change the methods by which FedGov income taxes are sent in. Currently, any FedGov income tax monies are mailed directly to an IRS central (how appropriate) address.
    The states would have to tell its citizens (serfs, see below) to NOT make their FedGov income taxes owed checks to the IRS, and NOT mail their FedGov income taxes to (KY, CT, CA, NC, OH), instead mail everything to (THIS LOCAL STATE ADDRESS).

    A little bit of work to do, but doable.

    Meanwhile the serfs will continue to support the FedGov, no matter what you tell them. What’cha’gonna do? You can lead a horse to water, etc. . . .

  10. Any Stat should just tell the Administratinon that they are following the order, without doing anything. If a complaint is filed, respond with ‘It’s been resolved, complaintant was mistaken’.

  11. @B Woodman: Unless I’m mistaken, most people pay their taxes through payroll deduction (overpay, actually – that’s why most get refund checks after they file). If the State instructed businesses (on pain of closure for non-compliance) to send the taxes collected to them instead of the IRS, would that not work? The State could handle the refunds themselves, too.

    For the people owing money, the State could tell them they had the option of sending the money to the IRS, or sending half the money to them, and the balance owed would be forgiven. Where would you send your payment?


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