‘100% Legal Drivers’ Posters Appear on Papa John’s Stores All Over California

DANGEROUS: A mysterious set of posters went up Tuesday at multiple branches of Papa John’s Pizza across Los Angeles in the predawn hours.

One of the unusual posters depicts an image of President Donald Trump holding a slice of pizza with one hand and giving a thumbs up with the other. In a word bubble, the smiling Commander-in-Chief is portrayed saying, “We have 100% legal drivers. They’re legal, believe me.” Beneath him is a large logo in the style of Papa John’s own, but altered to read, “Papa Don’s/ Better Immigration. Better Country.” in an apparent nod to the pizza giant’s own slogan, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”

In a green banner at the top of the Papa Johns logo where the word “PIZZA” is usually printed, the new posters read “MAGA.”


Concerned passersby, Papa John’s employees, and customers also were baffled to encounter a second design Tuesday morning alongside the Donald Trump posters. These showed a heavily armed, black-clad immigration officer caring bottles of Coca-Cola with the words, “free ICE with every Coke,” above the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement logo and the reimagined “Papa Don’s” insignia.   MORE HERE

SNIP: This is some brutal trolling. Photos at the link.

7 Comments on ‘100% Legal Drivers’ Posters Appear on Papa John’s Stores All Over California

  1. “This is some brutal trolling.”

    How about long overdue trolling. About 50 years overdue.

    Americans standing up for America.

  2. Military base delivery approved too. Believe me.
    A clever sense of humor that the leftists won’t see and only get POd about.

  3. If Christian bakers don’t want to serve militant gays, will the left support them if they call it a “boycott”?


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