$100 Mil. Study Finds Stents /Bypass No Better Than Drugs / Lifestyle Changes

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Stents and coronary artery bypass surgery are no more effective than intensive drug treatment and better health habits in preventing millions of Americans from heart attacks and death, a large study found, shedding new light on a major controversy in cardiology.

Researchers and doctors have fiercely debated for years how best to treat people who have narrowed coronary arteries but aren’t suffering acute symptoms. More

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  1. I have two stents because I had 98% blockage. I was only days away from a heart attack. By the time they found the issue any drugs would not of helped me. Just sayin’.

  2. My Dad, who had never used tobacco nor alcohol and was not obese had no symptoms but a cardiologist insisted he needed a bypass. Two days and one blood clot later my Dad was dead. The same cardiologist killed Dad’s best friend exactly the same way a few months later.

    Meanwhile, his older brother who rolled his own cigarettes WHILE chewing tobacco outlived my Dad by twenty years, he gave up going to bed at night with a cha of Redman when he turned 80 for fear of choking in his sleep.

    So much for “settled science”.

  3. The results of this study have been known for about 35 years. You do need bypass or stents if you are unstable, in other words have significant angina or trying to have a myocardial infarction. The great majority of bypass procedures or stents are unnecessary. So, what happens if you have a big block? It might actually go away. But as several have noted, treatment does not mean you will not have a heart attack. In fact, your risk of a heart attack or death is about the same after these procedures as before. So why do doctors do the procedures? You will sue them if they don’t and they make a bunch of money with this treatment. Blockages only cause 25% of heart attacks, the other 75% are caused by clots. By the way, none of this has anything at all to do with cholesterol or fatty diets. Look up a you tube called “Heart of the matter”. That is the other scam, that cholesterol drugs actually do somthing, they are worthless.

    So what causes heart attacks? Inflammation of the arterial walls, likely a reaction to normal mouth flora. Obesity also causes the inflammation as well as diabetes. Treatment weight control, high fat diet, walking daily, beta blockers, aspirin.

  4. My wife just had a quad bypass and it saved her life. Once you get to a certain stage no amount of drugs or lifestyle changes will work. A severe blockage like she had also affects your brain function, breathing, and blood sugar. I’m always suspicious when someone – doctor or layman – touts drugs as a magic bullet. If they’re questioning the life prolonging abilities of bypass surgery, ask them to look into their crystal ball and tell us how long the patient would have lived without surgery.

  5. One hundred million study
    to conclude

    that the billions spent over forty years
    meant nothing

    The MED industrial complex made billions
    off of unnecessary and ineffective procedures

    Hey, it’s the bottom line that counts

    What does anyone with brains think
    Obamacare is ?

    Everyone get ready to be insultingly treated
    like the vets at the VA hospitals

    The current president is trying to change that
    but it will NEVER change without the repeal of


    Schmuck Chomper
    Lousy Puh-Louzy
    Hairy Reed

    Will always be remembered for that.

  6. I had double bypass surgery 3 years ago. Was on the way to a heart attack when my dogs’ veterinarian (we’ve been friends for years) told mr that I didn’t look well. She was right . I almost passed out and she called the EMT’s. When you need it, you need it. And I needed it.

  7. My 81 y/o father in law is in the hospital right now, he was found passed out on the floor. Blood clot suspect, we don’t know yet. Praying.

  8. Wife walked into hospital for valve replacement surgery. Surgery was aggressively pushed by doctors. Gave the impression of being at midas muffler and they wanted to meet a quota. 23 hours after walking into the hospital, she was dead.
    They”re a ‘teaching hospital.’ I’m working on helping them learn something.
    Several days after her demise, one of the doctors called me, and during the conversation, he actually said “shit happens.” Fuck him and fuck them.

  9. Well, we have to reduce the population by about 6 billion to save the planet somehow…might as well start here 🙁

    “Science” is a mess, and MD’s are practical scientists. I have to believe that most docs are really trying to help people, but they also have to insulate their own emotions to keep from going mad. One doc I had said that med school “beat it out of him”…meaning he worked so hard for so long and got so tired that he simply got used to people being sick and dying around him.

    Everyone has their health problems. What makes things hard is, like politics, everything seems to change for no reason and up becomes down, in becomes out. As usual, common sense makes the best sense.

    So do everything you want but nothing in excess. Exercise but don’t run marathons. Rest but don’t be a couch potato. Eat what you want but don’t be overweight, at least not more than 10 lbs. Stay away from meds as much as possible, and if you are prescribed something and it doesn’t really make a difference in how you feel, stop taking it because it’s probably doing more harm than good.

    Never give up living. It’s God’s great gift. Be thankful even in the most difficult times.

  10. For anyone interested, there is a relatively cheap vitamin protocol developed by Dr. Linus Pauling (famous (or “infamous” with the traditional medical establishment) for his research on vitamin C) and his associates that appears to have a good track record of cleaning out “clogged” arteries over a few months time. It is based on increasing collagen production in the arteries – the arteries are largely made of collagen. Here are a couple of links including the main search link to various information on it:




    If you want to go even cheaper to try it, many sites list the vitamins / amino acids along with dosages so you can buy individual supplements.

    And sorry to hear about your wife Toby. My mom died from cancer treatment. A stupid radiology technician thought the radiation machine wasn’t working and zapped her 5 times in one treatment destroying her small intestine which was not even the target of the radiation. it was supposed to be a few treatments on a small tumor on her hip bone and the technicians changed the original “target” markings a couple of days before they zapped her 5 times. Naturally, the doctors backed each other up and claimed they did nothing wrong.

    Medical errors are believed to be the third leading cause of death in the US (250,000+ annually) …… which makes me want to stay as far away from most doctors as I can.


  11. Pain in chest and arms…ekg reported blockage, stent put in a day later and instantly felt fine. Problem solved. Brother two years earlier same problem chose medicine which is $900 per month for your lifetime left, requiring frequent blood tests and Doctor visits. Every case may have differences but do not let this article result in not considering a stint once informed. Even Prostate arguments are twisted by studies…Implantation of radioactive seeds done in a day, 95% effective, 90 percent free of side effects…other treatments are all worse down to an operation with a 50% success rate, 80% incontinent, 78% ED and five days in hospital with everything going wrong..be informed, not by studies but by information from two Doctors neither of which should have Mercedes payments to make.

  12. I remain a bit skeptical about the ratio of benefit vs risk of having a coronary artery calcium scan score test done.

    https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/heart-scan/about/pac-20384686 .

    One one hand it may alert you to a heart problem long before any negative symptoms appear. In time for diet & lifestyle changes to be made to halt farther increase in your scan score. But on the other hand, if a lot of people have the CACS done, just to know, then the average radiation exposure to the general population will increase.

    For society to benefit from the many useful uses of radiation the policy was set long ago to allow radiation workers to receive higher levels of radiation to be offset by keeping radiation exposure to the general population lower than actually needed. All radiation is potentially bad for you, some number of people may develop cancers from the extra radiation exposure. It’s the same reason I think x-raying people in air ports for security reasons is also a bad idea. It increases radiation exposure levels to the general population, non-radiation workers. Violating the long ago established policy to keep average radiation exposure to the total population as low as possible.

    A similar debate occurred years ago when ACS started pushing for women to have routine mammogram exams. The debate was – were more breast cancers being found early by the exams or were more breast cancers being caused by having the exams done?

    I worked around radiation for almost forty years. Five years on nuclear reactors in the USN, and 34 years on diagnostic x-ray machines in hospitals. Mostly coronary labs. The criteria for having a cardio exam done seemed to be 1)are you willing to have it done?, 2)can you pay for it? Medical need appeared to be a distant consideration. I still recall an event 30+ years ago. The cardio lab had been down for several hours. We were constantly interrupted in our troubleshooting efforts by cardiologists coming into the lab asking how soon until we would have it repaired. Everyone one of them said, ‘How soon will it be until the lab is working again, do you realize how much money we are losing?’ Not one said, How soon will it be until the lab is working again, I have a sick patient down the hall that needs to have this exam done asap’. And every few years there was always some new study that said more coronary catheterization exams or angioplasties were being done than medically necessary. I do not know which view is correct.


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