11 Dead at Virginia Beach Municipal Complex Shooting

Shooter Also Dead

FOX News – At least 11 people were killed and six hurt Friday when a shooter, a city employee ultimately shot and killed by police, opened fire inside a Virginia Beach municipal building, Police Chief Jim A. Cervera said on Friday.

The shooter was a current longtime public utility worker, Cervera said. The names of the gunman and the victims were not released. Police did not describe a possible motive for the attack.

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21 Comments on 11 Dead at Virginia Beach Municipal Complex Shooting

  1. …sounds like a workplace violence incident, maybe a recently disciplined or fired employee.

    City building. Probably a “Gun Free” zone.

    Free of GOOD guys with guns, that is…

    May the Lord heal the wounded and comfort the families of the dead in their hour of need.

    May the Lord also defend the Nation from those who will exploit this tragedy to try to take wrongful dominion over their fellow men, and cause their efforts to fail.

    “31 For the Lord will not cast off for ever:

    32 But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies.

    Lamentations 3:31-32

  2. What a fortunate set of events for the kkk democrat governor northam. He’s recently dropped robert e lee day as a state holiday. Then gifted them with a 4 day weekend 5th of July (Friday.). The northam groveling tour is now bestowed an opportunity to take away guns. He’s been teed up for a long drive down the middle of the liberal fairway after being left for dead.

    Roadkill has risen from the dead and he’ll try to take your guns. Just watch.

    Nicely played guv blackface. Did you script this?

  3. Why can’t these miscreants eat a bullet like a man of honor?
    Dumb ass bastards need to be reanimated and cooked in oil.

  4. Welp, no MSM details of shooter so can we assume he name do be sumpin lak LaDaRonell? If shooter was a white Christian the MSM would have already reported every detail of shooter’s life. Wanna call those worthless, cross eyed, commie cock suckers in the MSM a buncha worthless bums but they may not all be cross eyed.

  5. False Flag, just like the dumbass who set himself on fire.

    Changing the news cycle away from the nothingburger Mueller standup comedy that was a huge fubar for the democrats and away also from the investigation of the investigators that Trump is conducting.

    All by design.

    It won’t work. How do I know? Trump is increasing in his popularity in the polls.

  6. Notice how they never explain nor suggest the possibility of reducing the number of deaths with the intervention of a legally carrying patriot.
    Notice how they never explain nor suggest the possibility of reducing the number of deaths with the intervention of a legally carrying patriot.

    Not a lot of difference from a law enforcement officer being on scene.

  7. There is NO reasoning…..
    It all comes down to ONE thing….

    Take the guns and have total control.

  8. Odds that he was Muslim or on doctor-prescribed medication?

    Odds that the media will drop it like a hot rock as soon as it turns out to be one of the above?

    @jellybean – it is far worse than that. Legally carrying patriots stop mass murders fairly often. The media hushes it up.

  9. The shooter was a black, fired city employee; so, look for this to disappear from the headlines within 24 hours. There is zero NRA member, redneck, Christian Trumper narrative to push here.

  10. The Root has already shown up, and The Slate, and Wiki…

    Tell a lie. Tell it bold-faced. Tell it often.

  11. I told them to not remove the Twinkies from the vending machine but Noooooooooooooooo they wouldn’t listen.

  12. Tsunami says false flag! And why not? The criminals in control can do whatever they want. They won’t use their powers to stop themselves! Victims are always needed to shock the public for effect. Just like violence is put in movies by Hollywood to jolt and desensitize emotions.

    GLADIO TERROR: VA False Flag Mass Shooting Ordered by Deep State to Distract from SPYgate
    Posted on May 31, 2019 by State of the Nation

    KEY POINT: No one really knows if this mass shooting in Virginia Beach was for real, a hoax, or a hybrid of the two. It’s virtually impossible to determine what really happened in these highly controlled mass casualty events (MCE). Nevertheless, they still have the same effect on the mass consciousness. That’s the goal: to still [sic] fear and apprehension among the populace so that they can more easily execute their various hidden agendas. But DISTRACTION is always another purpose behind these MCEs.

  13. It’s beginning to come out that the shooter was black.

    DeWayne Craddock for all you surfers.

    Condolences to the families of the dead.

  14. Two days after the shooting, I don’t see any MSM news report that the killer was black. It seems to me that the MSM always report, as soon as they can, the race of the shooter when the shooter is white.

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