11 of 15 NYC restaurants not enforcing vaccine mandate


Most of the 15 Manhattan restaurants visited by undercover sleuths this week were not enforcing Mayor Bill de Blasio’s city-wide COVID-19 vaccine mandate for people dining inside, according to a new investigation.

Only four of the 15 restaurants asked reporters for ID along with proof of vaccination before seating them inside, according to a segment from Inside Edition.

At an Upper East Side location of the BurgerFi chain, the restaurant let a producer for the show order and eat inside without showing proof of vaccination — even though the eatery had small signs at each table that read “show me your vax.”

When confronted the following day about the lax enforcement, a manager of the store said, “I’m shocked right now, not gonna lie. I’m shocked because I know that I’ve definitely been asking everyone.”

Hummus Kitchen, an Upper East Side Mediterranean restaurant, also didn’t ask to see proof of vaccination and matching ID when visited by an Inside Edition producer.

Among the four restaurants that did cooperate with the order was SoHo’s Mercer Kitchen, where a hostess asked to see a vaccine card at the door. more

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  1. So 4 of those restaurants are run by good little nazis.

    And now that it’s out in the open that some restaurants are lax there will be hell to pay.

  2. It’s not the responsibility of any restaurant to enforce any tyrannical mandate, or change their own policy to match that of a heavy handed city or state, when none of it is legally enforceable. Especially when that same government does nothing to protect said restaurant from thugs who openly steal or destroy restaurant property without repercussion, yet continues to raise taxes. You’d have to be an absolute idiot to enforce this and just as retarded to patronize such idiots.

  3. Let’s see what happens in Seattle next month. King County has a new vaccine mandate for indoor dining starting October 25. I’m seeing stories about the “greater good” and all that nonsense.

    I think the Karen’s and Karls of Seattle are rubbing their collective hands together with glee.

  4. @ Illustr8r SEPTEMBER 17, 2021 AT 10:18 PM

    I have gift certificates totaling thousands of dollars for Seattle restaurants. You could not pay me to use them. Haven’t been in Seattle for five or six years, perhaps longer than that, except for work related meetings. I drive around the filthy disgusting Goddamned shithole on 405 when I go north just so I don’t even have to look at it from the freeway. Likewise Portland. We used to visit both for entertainment, never again.

  5. ecp, i’m hoping the hostess didnt get hurt but this kind of stuff would put a quicker end to the shit-jab if it happened more often. People need to stand up.

    i know, i know, Theres other ways to protest, but i’m just saying that those dont work very well.

  6. When this Wuhan flu started, I heard people talk of supporting local businesses because they were at risk of failing due to all the restrictions. I quickly turned against that idea due to all the businesses going along with any and all the stupid regulations. Customer service has gone down the toilet since the business owners embraced this nonsense wholeheartedly. If they lose the business, maybe a better owner will replace them.

  7. @JD I see no good reason now to go into Seattle. Dining out, entertainment or sightseeing-we used to go in for fun. I worked at the Smith Tower in the early 2000’s and it didn’t bother me to walk and park around there. Free Kraken hockey tickets won’t even tempt me. No thanks.

    I don’t recognize the city I used to know so well.


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