13 Time Democrat of the Year Sheriff Scott Israel

Wow. If you start digging on youtube, you find some disturbing videos that makes one wonder how this guy gets elected.

In this video, Israel’s opponent for sheriff uncovers some pretty shaky campaign practices which he says are “sorta” illegal, like using his staff to campaign for him in uniform on “company time.” One guy, a key lackey, was a jail guard, and promoted to Captain as soon as Israel won office.

Then there are these 3 videos —> don’t know who this woman is, don’t know if she’s telling the truth. That’s for you to decide. It’s a woman claiming Israel had an affair with her when she was 17 and she was made to have an abortion when he got her pregnant.

(Hey! He IS a democrat of the year!)

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4 Comments on 13 Time Democrat of the Year Sheriff Scott Israel


    I am not longer listening to salacious stories from women no matter who their target is.

    What is worse than pegging a democrat is 🔥 INFANTILIZING WOMEN.🔥
    It is a gigantic social problem of treating 1/2 the population as babies, teenage babies, and then adult babies. They no longer have any more credibility than the FBI.

    I’m sick of these attention-seeking scumbags crawling out from under rocks, usually WELL PAST the date of the event, and burning people to the ground.

    THE SIMPSONS roasted this genre of female perfectly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-Y0dTNH7Ns

  2. He’s convinced himself that he is a Celebrity of some sort, he even compared Himself to Abe Lincoln and Ghandi.


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