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$150,000 Bid On A 1996 Accord

A film maker thought it would be fun to mock the typical car commercial by creating a similar ad with shots of beautiful roads and emphasizing the vehicle’s luxurious features (or lack there of in this case) for his girlfriend’s Honda Accord.

After over 4 million views on YouTube, the eBay offer was suspended due to “concerns around illegitimate bidding.”


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  1. A few years ago I watch the bidding wind up going over $20,000 for a six transistor radio and thought to myself there must be wackos out there with too much of daddy’s money getting their jollies off on this stuff or just flat out playing around with ebay!

  2. Curious why it wasn’t re-instated as it was.

    He should sue for the difference he isn’t getting.

    Nothing frivolous about losing $145,000.00 to an ignoramus’ incompetence.

  3. @ Ken,

    Thank you. If it has 4 million youtube views, why am I watching it from a shit network, ABC and giving them traffic? Notice how they have to educate their stupid communist viewers by giving them tips on how to capitalize… by washing their cars before selling them. LMAO. Jeez… I should clean my filthy car before selling it? Brilliant!

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