16 Dead, 30 Injured in Chicago Shootings

Frontpage Mag:

The conversation we’re not having and we aren’t allowed to have.

Chicago police say that 16 people are dead and at least 30 others have been injured in shootings across the city so far this weekend.

Black Lives Matter, right?

71 dead in May, 235 dead this year, and a new record for the weekend m re More here.

SNIP: F^CK You, mayor.

14 Comments on 16 Dead, 30 Injured in Chicago Shootings

  1. If all of the dead were bangers & thugs…well, tough.

    Chicago’s bill for all of these GSW must be astronomical, in the 10s of millions…or more.

  2. The left is coming out of the woodwork to support antifa, a terrorist organization.

    Fuck the rhetoric. It’s war. Will our side ever realize that?

  3. I guess the rug muncher of a mayor will allow more “shopping therapy” for her bros and broettes to soothe their collective ruffled feathers.

  4. That’s actually more than the Wuhan Flu (in and of itself) killed.

    You could look it up – but you can’t.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Mayor Lizardface seems to have no problem with gangs acting as death panels, but don’t you dare assemble in a church building to worship God – You will suffer her wrath.

  6. Just business as usual in da hood and nobody cares…much less the residents. But Im wondering why Trump hasn’t announced a massive nationwide sweep up of ANTIFA by every swinging dick in the Feds that carries a gun…load them into box cars and off to the FEMA camps. When he calls the FBI they would probably say “ANTIFA? Neeeever heard of them. We are still operating on our years old orders to railroad Republicans”. And Homeland Security would say “ANTIFA? Why they are a fraternal organization for social justice and to demonstrate their members are down for the struggle against predatory capitalism…all our kids are members”.

  7. Catch, slap and release. Its better than the wild wild west. Is this the start of civil war 2.1??

  8. Uncle Fester’s ugly sister: Gorgon Lightfoot should resign for getting that haircut alone.
    Entrenched Liberal failures are the fault of the governed for voting these idiots into office.


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