17 Year-Old Maniac Gets 25 Years For Intentionally Running Over Fellow Student. – IOTW Report

17 Year-Old Maniac Gets 25 Years For Intentionally Running Over Fellow Student.

I’m not sure why the girl passenger, videoing the crime, didn’t get jail time as well.

Wait’ll you read about the motive of the driver.


EDGEWATER, Md. (AP) — A Maryland teen convicted of running over a fellow high school student has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. News outlets report Nicholas Kyle Hoffman was 17 when he was charged as an adult with attempted murder in November.

Charging documents say the 16-year-old victim was targeted for allegedly stealing marijuana from Hoffman’s friend. Anne Arundel County prosecutors say Hoffman was filmed intentionally speeding into the boy before leaving the scene.

Hoffman was “heard uttering a derisive comment indicating a lack of concern for the victim’s welfare.” The victim survived. Hoffman was convicted in August and sentenced Monday. In a statement, State’s Attorney Wes Adams called it “one of the most callous displays of violence” he’d seen. The now 18-year-old’s attorney disputed the assertion that he showed no remorse.

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  1. That looks like a tough one for the jury to decide. Did the defense us a “if we would only legalize marijuana “ defense?
    Passenger did nothing to stop it, accessory big time. Maybe she went to cops after the incident. That would seem to be the only thing that would save her.

  2. Karma was asleep apparently——the airbag shoulda gone off and crippled the idiot with her feet on the dash.

  3. That’s a mentality you can’t fix. Lock him up and keep him out of society for good!
    Unfortunately he will be out and back on the streets in a few years…
    Aaaaaaaaaaand back in the news again.

  4. He stole weed!
    DAs and “judges” just got no sense of proportion.
    White people?
    If they’da been negro or mexican we’da never heard about it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Shame when the video documents a real-time crime. Too bad the 32 cams footage at the Pentagon of Early September back in 2001. What a special time for me, What a load of BS, What a Night! – Frankie Valley

  6. Teen’s have strong urges to define themselves and establish a place in the world. Most of the time with young males it manifests with self destructive and reckless behavior. Occasionally, as with this incident, homicidal acts occur. This kid will be spending many years in prison wondering how he could have been so stupid. Two, and likely more lives are changed forever.

  7. 17 year old in prison.
    I can hear it now “fresh meat walkin'”
    Could possibly get out in 12.He will
    be less than human… and his only way
    will be a life of crime.

  8. Hey WTF Dude. They get back up in the
    video game I play for 6 hours a day….
    My neighbor’s kid is 11 and that is all
    the kid does is disembowel,beat,kick,behead
    and kill on a digital screen at 60 frames per second.
    Mind numbing by design.Who knows what messages are
    being implanted in the brain at that flicker rate.

  9. I can hear my grandmother saying “if he was walking on the sidewalk that would’ve never happened.”

    Moral of the story. Don’t walk in the middle the fucking road, dumbass!!!

  10. I don’t think, from her reaction, that the girl doing the filming knew the asswipe was going to run the other guy over, but then I don’t have all the facts.

  11. @ Mohammed’s pink swastika, there are no sidewalks in that neighborhood.

    I’m not certain the girl filming realized her ‘friend’ was going to run the guy (who played local football at school) over either. Next time someone in her life tells her about that ‘show me your friends & I’ll show you your future’ truism, she’d better listen up.

  12. If the driver was a minority he’d be out in 3 years (attempted murder people- no one actually died- am I right?) and driving for Uber the next day.

    This piece of white trash is going to get his anus pounded everyday and twice on Tuesdays for the full term. Society won’t miss him and that’s the point.

  13. No hope for rehabilition. He knew what he was doing and didn’t care. Attempted murder.

    When he gets to prison ask him…do you want to be a cum dump for the forseeable future or would you like this cyanide pill. The decision is yours.


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