19 Year-old Married Demi Moore Makes Out With Kid on His 15th Birthday

If this was a random married 19 year-old dude kissing a girl like this on her 15th birthday, people would intervene, call the cops, ban him from the mall.

Not here. Not Hollywood. The press says, “okay, one more time,” so they can get a good shot of it.


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  1. It seems clear she had been banging that sweet kid “for 3 weeks”. Also clear he is in territory he was not ready for but he rose to the occasion. Honestly, this violates the ‘rules’ we used to have about taking the uninitiated and using them for your own pleasure. Just because one is a sweet kissable kid doesn’t mean you have a right to start the kissing, it crosses a line.
    It’s as true here as it is with bite work in dog training: just because the dag can doesn’t mean he should.

  2. If I did the math right, this would have been around 1981. At that time I could have shown Demi a few tricks that were not in that 15-year-old kid’s repertoire.

    She should have called me instead.


  3. The creepiest part of this video is not the kiss but Debbie wasserman Shultz singing somewhere over the rainbow at the end

  4. @Seaoh: Strangely enough, Debbie Wasserman Schultz would’ve been the same age as this kid at the time. Do you think that maybe she’s him after gender reassignment surgery…?

    …Naah – She’s not that pretty.


  5. She was closing her eyes, enjoying the kiss. What was this event? Was this a fan that won a contest? It’s kinda weird…..

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