191 more days until toilet baby returns to where he came from


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  1. This is where my conundrum comes in.
    Everything about 0’s mama screams “abortion” yet she didn’t do it.

  2. Ground Zero, Washington DC 2048:
    The first Presidential ‘Scrubbing of the Record’ occurred on this, the twentieth anniversary of WWIII.
    The President who enabled the birth of the Caliphate and was found to be directly responsible for the disastrous and short lived arms race in the Middle East and subsequent war, the loss of over a billion lives from famine and disease following the nuclear destruction of several cities worldwide, the sole creator of the Obama Ice age due to particulate cooling of the atmosphere due to airborne dust from the destroyed cities; had his record ‘scrubbed’ from the annals of American Presidential History where every reference of his life and Presidency was destroyed and deleted from public record.
    ‘Obama the Petulant’ was burned in effigy one last time at the site of the DC Bomb blast epicenter. The crowd was boisterous despite the sub zero April weather.
    The current President June Wilson symbolically hit the delete button, eradicating all references to the 44th Presidency from public record.
    The extremely bitter former first family had no comment from the the site of their banishment in the Aleutian Islands

  3. If I can figure out how to run that damn snatch it app this is going on out Instagram page. That’s awesome

  4. Schedule for the remaining days:

    Rise at 10 AM

    76 golf outings

    16 vacations

    12 Late Night Talk Shows

    6 The View appearances

    7 Ellen appearances

    44 meetings with Al Sharpton

    66 meetings with Black lives Matter

    0 meetings with Defense Secretary

  5. Hopefully this shit isn’t Groundhog Day. Difference after the flush…. it only gets worse. Stay drunk, my friends.

  6. Hope he latches onto ValJar with a death grip and takes the evil bitch with him. He doesn’t seem able to function without the Iranian. Two turds in a toilet.

    Great image!

  7. Flush TWICE !
    At least twice then throw a bucket of scalding water
    and a jug of DRAINO down the hopper too.

    Rid the country of every trace

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