The Frank Report:

The 16th and 17th amendments were adopted in 1913 and sure as hell did not produce the desired result.

The 16th amendment opened the door for the IRS and a tax code that has grown from the original 400 page legal information service to a 73,954 page, 25-volume federal tax law.

Instead of funding the government, it has become a guessing game as follows:

Gov’t:   You owe us money.  It’s called taxes.

Me:        How much do I owe?

Gov’t:   You have to figure that out.

Me:        I just pay what I want to pay?

Gov’t:    No, we know exactly how much you owe. But you have to guess that number.

Me:        What if I guess wrong?

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  1. 1913 was a Very Bad Year. Not only were the income tax and popular election of senators put in place via constitutional amendments, but it was also the year that the Federal Reserve Act passed.

    Very Bad Year.

    Oh, yeah, and 1913 was also the year that lying warmongering racist Woodrow Wilson moved into the White House.

    Very, Very Bad Year.

  2. I’ve had 2 CPA’s tell me they can’t figure out the new tax laws and are lost because the instructions for some of the forms do not exist.

  3. One thing about the Great White North: if you pay too much, they send you a letter telling where you made a mistake and include a check! Can you imagine the IRS doing that? Yes, they will send you a bill if you don’t pay enough, but to actually discover an overpayment and pay you back before you even know about it?


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