1981 Canadian LWP Lightweight Patrol Ration Vintage MRE Taste Test



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  1. I love this guy’s videos! You can burn up a whole evening and more watching them!

    He actually ate a Civil War tack biscuit once!

  2. At the different sites that are dedicated to military food the Canadian IMP’s are generally judged better then American MRE’s however the IMP are not dehydrated so there is no need to add water which is good in that it helps keep the flavor but bad in that the trooper has to hump the extra weight. True, it’s not much extra but after walking 20 miles up and down hills I imagine that weight gets magnified in the head. I have two cases of MRE’s as well as sealed water and other er, items stored in case of emergency. I broke open one of the MRE’s last year to test for quality and it was pretty good. Canadian IMP’s seem to be like gold, you can’t get them anywhere (well at least with a reasonable manufacture date).

  3. In the late 60’s the Marine Corps had C-Rations. We tested to see if the hot chocolate had worms by squeezing the pack. If powder came out of little holes made by the worms we passed on it. Some of our C-Rats were mid 50’s vintage.

  4. We had C Rats in the Airborne Infantry, we would get issued a case of these prior to a parachute jump and a week of humping in the swamps. They went in the damn dumpster and we all lived on Ramen Noodles. The cigs sure came in handy.


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