1995 Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was a Muslim sympathizer


The popular image of 1995 Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is that of a twisted “patriot” out to avenge government actions at Waco and Ruby Ridge. This is what Wikipedia says about McVeigh:

mcveigh nichols

McVeigh, a Persian Gulf War veteran, sought revenge against the federal government for its handling of the Waco Siege, which ended in the deaths of 76 people exactly two years before the bombing, as well as for the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992. McVeigh hoped to inspire a revolt against what he considered to be a tyrannical federal government.

From the beginning, the media had portrayed McVeigh and co-conspirator Terry Nichols as extremist, “right-wing,” Christian nut-cases. Just recently, on ABC’s The View on November 17, co-host Joy Behar called Americans unChristian for objecting to Obama’s program of bringing unvetted Muslim “refugees” to the United States. Behar then implied that Syrian Christian refugees are dangerous because “Timothy McVeigh was a Christian.” (See “Whoopi Goldberg, the woman who named herself after farting, says Christians are just as dangerous as Muslims“)


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  1. Flt 800 was Clinton’s Benghazi. I’m a trained accident investigator, a pilot, and that NTSB report was as valid as BHO’s monthly unemployment figures. After the 1993 WTC bombing, Clinton couldn’t have another terrorist act on his watch, not during his reelection and they lied. The Wash post ran a story where two congressmen came out of a closed door meeting on MANPADS proliferation and announced “there will never be another Flt 800.” Congress wanted commercial airliners protected against anti-aircraft missiles, such as the Stinger, and FedEx volunteered to put electronic countermeasures on a couple of their jets. The program was scrubbed by DOD as too hard to do and too expensive.

  2. Christians God / Prophet died for His people and commanded to love and respect all.

    Muzlims prophet commanded his people to kill anyone and everyone for him, for any reason.

  3. I read Jayna’s book years ago and it sure as fuck put some shivers up my back.

    Bill Clinton was(is) a lying psychopath, he traded top secret information to the Chinese for campaign donations. What he did at Waco is an absolute disgrace. The shit this cocksucker has covered up over his lifetime would put even Obama to shame.

    Well, maybe not to shame.

  4. Clinton did everything possible to ignore threats from Iraq and Bin Laden. After the bombings in Africa and the attack on the USS Cole that were proven to be Bin Laden, Clinton completely retreated.

    John O’Neil, FBI Special Agent In Charge in New York (The Man Who Knew – PBS and book The Man Who Warned America) identified Bin Laden as the US biggest threat. He was told to shut up and eventually retired from the FBI taking a job as head of security for the Twin Towers.

    A few weeks later he was killed when the towers fell on him.

    Clinton set up 9/11 by refusing to act on intelligence which said without doubt that Muslims and Bin Laden had declared war on the US.

  5. I have always thought there was something fishy about the Oklahoma situation.

    Too many coincidences and unexplained bits of evidence.

    How else do you explain the massive buildup of the homeland security complex and the security theater to go along with it?

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