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$2 bill sparks police investigation in Houston

2 dollar bill

WashingtonTimes: A Houston eighth-grader was reportedly investigated for forgery after she tried to use a $2 bill to pay for lunch at school.

Danesiah Neal, a student at Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School, said she was trying to buy some chicken nuggets with the $2 bill her grandmother gave her, but school officials confiscated the bill and said it was fake, a local ABC News affiliate reported.  MORE

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  1. We used to use $2 bills as deposits for our school lockers.
    I remember the teacher let me pass out the stack to the kids in the class at the end of the year.
    I thumbed through them and found a 1953 version with the red print and pulled it out for my return deposit.
    All the others were the new versions from 1976.
    The other students cried foul but I kept the deuce.

  2. When was the last time you’ve seen a $2 bill or had one in your wallet? I think the last time I had a $2 bill was 20 or more years ago. It’s no wonder they thought it was fake since no one or very few people actually know that a $2 bill is real currency. What would’ve happened had the kid paid his lunch bill with either a Susan B Anthony or Sacajawea $! coin or coins?

  3. I paid with an older 1980s $10 at the grocery store, handed the note to the cashier who was born in 2000 (he looked about 16). He calls the manager over and asks if it’s okay to accept the bill. The manager chuckles, “yes it’s real.” and the kid cashier was dumbfounded, “Okay, but how much is it worth?” he asked, actually thinking it might not be worth the full $10.

  4. TO Loco


    THAT one above is a KEEPER!
    REAL old.
    I hope the parents weren’t numismatists.

  5. Geoff, you are giving them a pass for sheer ignorance.
    If they didn’t know any better, search the web.

    I just used a $2 a few months ago.
    Many are used at convenience stores.
    The last version issued was 2013.

    “The $2 bill remains one of our circulating currency denominations… As of April 30, 2007 there were $1,549,052,714 worth of $2 bills in circulation worldwide.”

  6. A good way to have kids save money is pay them in $2 bills. Kids always hoard them. I’ve got a stack from when my parents paid me with them that I now use to pay my kids.

  7. And none of the local Poleece are smart enough to know that NOBODY would try to counterfeit a $2 bill? A counterfeiter can’t make enough $$ off of such a low denomination to cover the printing costs. Venturaguy rightly asks which came first, Houston going Dem or Houston schools going stupid? I would add Houston Poleece going stupid as well.

  8. Americans think they’re so clever and rule the world and still insist on demonstrating how ill educated and, frankly, stupid, they can be.

    Although not necessarily these, comments elsewhere on this site are utterly contemptible. And, I assume, the authors too must also be.

    After I leave here, I will take a long hot shower to try and purge myself of the foul stench of having been here.

  9. When was the last time I had a $2 in my wallet? Right this minute. I have several. I use one or more when I tip anybody for service. They get a kick out of getting one and remember me, and that usually is to my benefit the next time I do business where they work.

    Every month or three when I go to my bank I ask if they have any $2s lying around. They usually do, and are glad to sell them to me because it is bank policy not to give them out in normal business but rather send them in to their central currency office. There’s some paperwork involved with that, so it is easier if I take them off their hands.

    The $2 is my favorite bill because it has Jefferson’s portrait.

  10. I just happen to have a two dollar bill in my wallet. I’ve had it for years.
    1976 series. Jefferson is on the face and the signers of the Declaration of Independence, 1776, on the back.. Pretty cool

  11. Go to Monticello, near Charlottesville, VA.
    They give them in change at the gift shop!

  12. There’s a $3 bill in the White House…
    so anything goes in 2016!

    ht: judgeroybean

  13. I must be smart or sumpin.’ Not only did I know that $2 is a legitimate currency denomination, I also recognized the picture on the reverse as Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

    @Egavas: line to kiss my fat white ass forms to the right.

  14. Reminds me of the Cajun counterfeiters. The printed up some $15.00 bills. Fuh real. When the ring leader told ’em how stupid it was, they still didn’t want to get rid of them. No, the work was just that good. So they decided to pass them off up in deep east Texas, up in the piney woods. Two different places looked at them Fake Fifteens and turned them away. Just as they were about to give up, ol’ Boudreaux remembered a trip to the Ozarks and recalled how really stupid some of those folks were. After a drive deep, deep into the mountains, they found a shack of a store, way off the paved road. Yes, this was the place Boudreaux decided.

    When Boudreaux handed the man the fake $15.00 bill and asked if he could change it, the toothless old clerk replied, “Uh shore can. How ya want it? An eight an’ a seven, or two sixes an’ a three?”

  15. @Uncle Al: You’re a man after my own heart. I always carry a few new 2$ bills in my wallet to use for tips, etc., because a lot of young people have never seen them, and the ones that have are usually saving them. The older people like getting them to give to their kids and grandkids. I also carry Kennedy halves for the same reason. I have at least one old red seal $2 (like the one in this story) folded up in my wallet at all times in case I run into someone who has heard of them but have never been able to find one. If they seem nice, I sell it to them at face value. When I really want to impress the young ones, I give them one of the big Eisenhower dollars. Nobody seems to care much about the new small dollar coins (Suzie B. and gold dollars), though.

    In case you haven’t guessed, I used to be a coin collector.


  16. When I saw that school bureaucrats and a police officer scared the daylights out of a child for having the audacity to pay for her shitty Michelle Obama lunch with a legal-tender $2 bill, I just knew that it had to be leftist Democrats doing this. Sure enough, it was the Houston Independent School District, a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    And until the miniscule but loud LGBT Lobby demands a $3 bill, with Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama on it, I’ll know that they aren’t truly serious about embracing their whole movement.

  17. When I was in Germany in the early 1980s, I thought the all the $2 bills got shipped to the military to use at the clubs and PX. I remember getting 5 or 6 for change instead of higher denominations.

  18. What country are the “school officials” from?
    A Houston scrap metal facility advertises, on both the TV and radio, that they’ll pay you in $2 bills & they’ve been doing this for YEARS.

  19. This one happened in 2005, but a man was arrested for paying with $2 bills. The Baltimore police were so stupid they had to call in the Secret Service to verify they were real before releasing the man.


    Recently I walked into the local McDonalds as the clerk was cracking open a roll of dimes. She exclaimed “these dimes are fake”. I asked her to look at one and told her they were Mercury dimes and the reason they sounded differently when they dropped was that they were silver (she apparently thought I meant in color rather than made of actual silver – or she didn’t know that current dimes have very little silver content compared to the Mercury dimes).

    She said she would have to go to the back to get me “real” dimes for change and that customers wouldn’t accept them. I told her they were just old money that was last made in the 1940’s and that I would buy all of them from her at face value if she was worried about it. After we made the transaction, she laughed and said “I guess I shoulda paid more attention in school”.

    It is really amazing how little people know about anything these days, especially when practically everybody could just look it up on their smart phone if they wanted.

  20. Funny how teachers and schools officials are the stupidest people on earth lately, and they are still employed to educate children.

    The proper indoctrination is the only thing that matters any more in public schools.

  21. The kid’s Mom may be a stripper. . . quickest way to double tips in a strip club is to use $2 bills to make change instead of $1’s. . . or. . . so I’ve been told :-O

  22. So, writing Savage backwards and coming up with Egavas is witty, clever or shmartypants?

    You’re the backwards savage here.

  23. Egavas truth ttranslator : I only have negative, bigoted things to say because that is all I have to offer the world.

    (sniffs self-righteous runny nose and runs away quickly to maintain a false sense of superiority before any reality feeds back)

  24. @Bubba’s Brother: Today’s dimes (and quarters and halves) have ZERO silver content. Those Winged Liberty (commonly called “Mercury”) dimes are 90% silver. I hope you bought them all from her because the melt value is currently $1.29 per coin, so a roll of 50 purchased at face value represents a tidy little profit. Not too many years ago they were worth around $2.00 apiece, but the price of silver has gone down since then.


  25. Vietvet – I wasn’t sure if any of our coinage made in the past several years had contained any silver. I remember from the ’60’s when they changed over from mostly silver in half dollars and quarters that I was told the back and face was still silver but it was a clad coin on copper. I figured these days they went to something cheaper like nickel or a similar shiny metal.

    A couple of the kids that worked behind the counter bought 5 of the mercury dimes each because they had never seen one. I ended up with 40 of them and a a few of them were in decent shape for circulated coins according to what I looked up online (they were worn, but the relief image was still mostly visible). The best I could tell, they might be worth a couple of bucks or so as a coin rather than just melt value.

    I read that it now costs 1.7 cents to make a penny, but the brain trusts in our government intend to make it up on a volume basis.

  26. @Bubba’s Brother: In 1965, the 90% silver dime and quarter were replaced with a clad coin “sandwich” of nickel over a copper center. The 90% silver half dollar changed to a similar sandwich, but of 40% silver over copper. By 1971 the government was still running out of silver for regular circulating coins, so the half dollar was changed to the same metals as the dime and quarter. The Mint still produces some special silver (as well as gold and platinum) coins today which may be purchased at a hefty premium over metal content, but nothing for general circulation. Even the lowly cent has been reduced from 95% copper to a thin copper coating over zinc, and it still (as you pointed out) costs more to produce than it is worth.

    Kinda sad, when you think of it.


  27. Once again, the American monetary system was spared total collapse by quick thinking school administrators

    You have any idea what financial chaos would transpire with unconstrained $2 bill counterfeiting?

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