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2 Images That Say a Lot About Millennials

The images are seemingly unrelated, but yet, they’re not. It’s about misplaced fear and abject stupidity.

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  1. you spose they promote this crap in Russia?

    We westerners are a society of degenerates. Just a preview though. The complete destruction comes after Christ comes.

  2. The first image has been my EXACT point.
    My ancestors were allowed to fight, produce and win.

    This Covid-19 shit is sitting on your ass and doing nothing.
    (I do not include health care workers in this statement, God Bless)

    We all know its origin.
    We all know that working, exercise, & living is the way to win but our governments are preventing this.

    I have not missed a day of work, I work out, and I’ll drink what i fuckin want!

  3. Young’ us are nicer than I can ever remember. They’re weaker than I’ve ever seen as well, both mentally and physically. I like the nice but I am appalled at the weakness. Eighteen years old, five foot ten, can’t pick up fifty pounds of dead weight, not even squirming weight. Little pale waifs with not a muscle evident, they’re nothing, useless, just out for the count. But nice.

  4. @Walter Johnson

    John Wayne 60’s
    Charles Bronson/Clint Eastwood 70’s
    Sly Stalone/Arnold 80’s
    Bruce Willis 90’s
    Seth Rogan 00’s
    Jesse Eisenberg 10’s
    Brie Larson (Cap. Marvel) Gal Gadot(WW) 20’s

    that’s the issue

  5. The joke is on them: as they age, they’ll be saddled with all the lunatics and inner city monsters they are helping to create – just as they want a piece of the pie. But the pie will be as rotten as Kamala Harris’ groin.

  6. Damn shredders anyway!

    I got a vaccine shot and you got my body sheddings!

    What a commentary on a sorry added faux world. Nothing seems to be real anymore.

  7. @Walter Johnson

    You should see the little darlings on a construction site.

    The real treat is the look on their faces when they try the “Coffee” from the Garbage Truck (that’s what we call the mobile caterers/ coffee trucks on site)

  8. HEY KCIR! I ate
    off the Roach Coach or Maggot Wagon
    for years.9 am break was a giant sausage
    dog.The lady in the bikini that ran the
    coach called it a ‘donkey dick’. Huge sugar
    shocker honey bun and 2 RC colas.

  9. We have a generation of spoiled, pampered and lazy offspring. If Joe gets his way all of that will change and the little dears will be scrambling to feed themselves.
    We’ll see how adaptable they are because the party is going to be over very soon.

  10. The millennial male offspring aren’t out skinning their knees playing football on the streets, their idea of leisure activity is shopping for bras.

  11. The Marxist are planning on having a hot summer, they’re calling it The Summer of sabotage. They may not be able to lift 50 lbs but they seem to be able to carry a gallon of gas and some matches.
    The only thing they create is havok and misery, be prepared.

  12. Has anyone noticed that The Progressive Movement contains all of the elements of a death cult? Oh yea, it was me. I’ve been commenting and posting that for over a decade and it is still meeting with resistance, but when I ask for examples wherein it diverges from classical death cults I don’t get any.

  13. Abject stupidity and smug self righteousness, when combined with backing from the media and a population that has been conditioned to not respect independent thought becomes self perpetuating.

  14. Gin Blossom said: “We have a generation of spoiled, pampered and lazy offspring.”

    But there are exceptions. Those that were raised to think for themselves, were instilled with good work ethic, and made good choices for education have the high dollar, good jobs.

  15. What makes it worse is today.

    Actual quote from a Millennial I met: “I don’t care about anything that happened before 1995”.


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