2 New Additions to the Pet Portrait Gallery

Whatshername wanted a portrait of Jake and Elwood, when they were puppies, in a more abstract and fanciful setting.

Here is the result.

Below are Jake and Elwood today.

Visit the link in our main menu if you want a portrait.

If anyone has fallen through the cracks, I apologize, and please contact me asap.

14 Comments on 2 New Additions to the Pet Portrait Gallery

  1. Jake and Elwood got half a pack of smokes, a full tank of gas and they’re taking the bass boat for a ride…. on a mission from God!….

    Might be my favorite of all time, but I’m a sucker for bird dogs….

  2. A few years ago, BFH painted a beautiful portrait of my three dogs.
    One has since passed away, but we see her every day, looking as beautiful and alive as ever.
    Mr. BFH owns the pet portrait world.

  3. Whatshername
    Hey, is that an old Ranger 396? I use to have one of those. Great hull.
    Jake and Elwood. That’s awesome and a great job by BFH.

  4. Such beautiful pups! And Fur, brilliant job!

    As I’m typing, I have my three kitty portraits hanging right above my monitor. They make me smile everyday.

    Fur, your talent is not wasted!

  5. Dear Whatshername,

    As I write this I am looking at the jakeelwood.jpg on the front porch from the IOTW BFH Pet Portal. I had to stop and write this immediatly. I have not yet scrolled down to see Furs work or read any comments. That picture is mesmerizing.

    Look at those big Paws. And everything else. Supersymmetrizations I see velvet textures contrasted with red clay courses. I hear it too. It’s a glass masterpiece.
    Welcome those sons to the Petting Machine.

    Thank you. That picture makes my world.


    About that little crack. Some exterior grade sealant piped deeply into the void will prevent chippage in future freeze thaw cycles. Not much else to do. Subsidence. Check the left side of the house brick work for similar small cracks and reat the same. No biggie, simple subsidence. Houses are heavy and the Earth does move under our feet.

    The above was written before seeing the painting or reading comments.
    1148PM May 29, 2020

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