2 Things Less Popular Than Biden – IOTW Report

2 Things Less Popular Than Biden

Democrat Controlled Congress sinks to 18 percent approval. Here
Boots on the ground in a war in Ukraine gets only 15.3 percent support. Here

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  1. The only thing I can think of that is less popular than Biden would be doctors vying to be Rosie O’Donnell’s proctologist.

  2. Remember when Trump was going to destroy NATO, and the Atlantic Council was shitting their pants? I bet they’re shitting their pants and puking down their sleeves right now.

  3. Warmongers….

    Every Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branch parent/grandparent needs their kids that are of military age….18-62….to be under the draft if war is impending….and shipped to the combat zone as soon as the shooting starts….

    I’ll even go so far as rotating half of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branch thru the combat zone every 6 months….

    Then you’ll see how war loving they really are with their lives and their relatives lives at risk.

  4. I get your point ED357.

    I’m a fortunate ‘Tweener. Graduated HS in 1972. Yes draft number was 32 or something but Nam was winding down Actually it was an unnecessary retreat. That’s a different discussion, but I feel fortunate to not leave body parts on the ground for a country that doesn’t appreciate this kind of sacrifice and throws their men and women into harms way for no particular reason.

  5. As bad as things are for Obiden, there are still 1,017 day left for Baracky Osmidgen and Susan Rice to wreck what’s left of this country. They don’t care if their puppet is the most unpopular President* since Jimmy Carter, he’s serving their purpose.

  6. 13% favor a war in Ukraine??? WhoTF are these idiots? Can there really be that many Max Boots & Morning Joes??

    Seriously, what are our national interests? I mean besides big paychecks for the MIC?

  7. They must have only polled other democrats.
    I sure the rest of poll in the negative numbers.
    (Insert mass profanity of your choosing.)

  8. Cynic,

    You can do her Doggie style with a mask. (For your own eyes)

    The real challenge is getting the Beer count right. Enough to get her from a 4 to a 6.5 but not so many that the Torpedo won’t load.


    Green bay/Rogers are Not impressive tonight.
    (I predicted GB by 10)

  9. The Ukraine has Biden in their pocket, from bribing him (via that scumbag Hunter). But the, so does Russia (and China, and every other fucking country having proof of Biden’s years of corruption and bribery).

    Then again, Obama is actually in charge, via Susan Rice and Jen Psaki. Biden and his cheap wife are disposable.

  10. @MMinWA January 22, 2022 at 8:25 pm

    > 13% favor a war in Ukraine??? WhoTF are these idiots?

    Better the Russians deal with them, over there. Than Americans deal with them, over here.

  11. There’s a reason Congress rating is so low, they call themselves the GOP, Goons of Putin. Traitors to America should be hung in the steps of Congress.

  12. Poor Ukraine’s been eating shit for a thousand years. I read somewhere that fewer than 1/3 of the population of Ukraine are Ukrainian. Those that Stalin, Khrushchev, and “collectivization” didn’t murder outright were “relocated” in the 30s. Then, of course, the war swept over it from both directions, each army murdering any and all who were “unreliable.” Being the “breadbasket” of Europe is both a blessing and a curse – mostly a curse.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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