20-year-old illegal alien enrolled in MD school accused of raping 11-year-old girl

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How is it that there are 20-year-old illegal alien men in our public schools, walking the same halls as junior high girls?

Last week, Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, 20, and Ivan Reyes Lopez, 19, were each arrested in two different Montgomery County, Maryland, high schools for raping two 11-year-old girls outside school.

WJLA reports that Coreas-Salamanca attends Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring. He is accused of having multiple sexual encounters with an 11-year-old after the victim’s father found salacious text messages on her phone. ICE has lodged a detainer on Coreas-Salamanca, who is an illegal alien from El Salvador.

There is no information available on Lopez’s immigration status. He is accused of luring a different 11-year-old girl to an apartment and raping her. But according to WJLA, he recently arrived from Honduras a few years ago and spoke in court through a Spanish interpreter. It is therefore very possible he also initially came here during the wave of Central American unaccompanied alien children and, along with thousands of others, was resettled in Maryland and perhaps was given some sort of legal status.

While criminal alien activity in general, and child sexual assaults in particular, are nothing new in this notorious sanctuary county, this incident raises other important questions. Why are illegal aliens placed in our public schools even as adults?

WJLA’s Kevin Lewis reached out to Montgomery County Public Schools for comment. He asked them how many 19- to 21-year-olds are in the school system, whether they are kept separate from the minors, and what the statute is that mandates their enrollment.


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  1. thanks obama and your fellow democrats, you built this!

    is accosta going to ask fancy nancy about this creeps spark of divinity?

  2. Sometimes it seems like much of this is being done unconsciously, deliberately, and/or by learned habit in destroying this Country piece by piece, institution by institution from within, by communist party members, commie/Marxist/Gramsci sympathizers and political left-wing affiliates.

    Sort of like a silent, unarmed war without the use of the military and run under the radar by left-wing, anti-Americans consisting primarily of radical left politicians, government employees, Hollywood, media, the educational system, et al., and all the while using illegals and categorized minorities as their useful idiots.

    Really hope I’m wrong. But reading so many instances like this with such frequency over the years does not help diminish this feeling.

  3. His dirt bag attorneys will request a POS Judge Amy Jackson Berman clone and the POS will continue to walk freely about the hallowed halls of that High School!

  4. How is it that there are 20-year-old illegal alien men in our public schools who are not caught and hung from the basketball hoop?

  5. So, once again Donald J. Trump has been proven to be one hundred percent right about the rapists that Mexico was sending us.


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