h/t Brad.

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  1. Come on, Crazy White Cracker (aka LocoBlancoSaltine), quit holding back! Tell us how you really feel!! 😉

  2. MMinWA
    MAY 14, 2022 AT 7:55 AM
    “Get your laughs in now but she just might be the next Gov in GA.”

    …no worries!

    I’ll be there to do the “heavy” *giggle!* lifting!

  3. That bitch still flosses with a 2″X4″. She will likely be my next Governor since Trump convinced Perdue to primary Kemp (who did an excellent job during covid keeping GA open and economy thriving). Loved Trump’s policies while President, but being a sore loser after the election was probably stolen and clearly not changing, he caused GA to lose the two senate run offs to democrats by poisoning the well for R voters. That clearly had serious consequences on the US senate; I’d like to think he took some notes.


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