2000 Mules

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  1. Great video. Clear eyed commentary. Laws clearly broken and duly cited. Damning evidence that both the Presidency and the Senate were brazenly stolen.

    And nothing will ever be done about it.

    Not now.

    And not when they steal in November.

    Democrats know we know they stole.

    Democrats don’t care.

  2. The MSM & dems all knew this to be true.
    That is exactly why they had to name it “the big lie.”
    Just like the Florida parental rights bill was named “don’t say gay.”

    I’ll never forget that feeling in November 2020 watching the numbers come in and witnessing the biggest travesty in our country’s history.
    Still SMDH…

  3. Just like Hillary gets her kicks pulling off crimes and getting off knowing that you know she pulled it off and defeated you, the Dems are actually kinda happy that we know they pulled it off. This will defeat people from voting. Ultimately, this is what they want.

  4. It wasn’t the Big Lie, it was the Big Heist. And the lefty shitweasels have the nerve to cry about ‘muh democracy’

  5. A big blood-letting is coming soon. Oceans and rivers will become blood for all the innocent blood that has been shed on the ground. Jesus Christ is coming back to right all the wrongs and establish His righteous kingdom here on earth.

  6. Excellent research and presentation 2000 Mules

    Documents all that we believed to have happened in 2020.

  7. Even with all the cheating they had already done with the drop boxes as shown in this documentary, they figured out on election night that it still wasn’t enough to defeat Trump (and America itself). That is the only possible reason that they shut down counting in at least 5 states at about 10:30 pm. They had to manufacture even more fraudulent votes by any means necessary including the machine hacks exposed by Mike Lindell, re-scanning thousands of already counted ballots for Biden multiple times and dumping even thousands more fraudulent “mail-in” votes in some states.

    It was stated in the movie that GA governor Kemp was given all this information a year ago and failed to do anything about it. I think that is hard evidence that Kemp is guilty as hell of knowing that this was being done. If he hadn’t been complicit in it, he would have had no reason to not launch a full criminal investigation. This is why Kemp cannot remain as governor of GA. A very dubious poll in the AJC today showed Kemp ahead of Perdue by 38 points in the primary race which is an obvious attempt to discourage Perdue voters from even trying to defeat Kemp.

    Having followed Gwinnett County GA politics for many years, I knew that the democrats didn’t just suddenly start winning elections that had always been lopsided for republicans and much of the video shown in the movie was from Gwinnett County. At least it did get rid of the corruptocrats that ran Gwinnett for years, but it just changed it to a different set of corruptocrats. Our own govt. has willfully committed treason and is flagrantly throwing it in our faces. I pray every day that these corrupt evildoers will soon face true justice for their crimes.

  8. President Trump beat the margin of fraud in 2016. The coup had to be executed in 2020 to prevent that ever happening again. Just wait. The overthrow is just getting started. Have you noticed they’re not trying to hide anything?. History shows that’s what happens with one-party rule after a coup.


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