November 2015 – Page 3 – IOTW Report

Korean Guys React To…

November 29, 2015 BFH 4

The video is (cowardly) mislabeled. It’s Korean guys reacting to a black guy in porn, not just “an American.” This is racist, no? And where’s the Korean GALS react to [Read More]

Have you heard of them?

November 29, 2015 BFH 1

Currently the #1 golfer in the world Prime Minister of Australia Pop singer Boxer Children’s Book Author/Illustrator Israeli Model/Actress/Businesswoman Blogger (Instapundit) Former 7′ 6″ Chinese basketball player Mexican communist painter [Read More]

McCain Weighs in on Trump

November 29, 2015 BFH 28

Sitting side by side with his girlfriend, Graham Cracker, McCain says that Trump is turning peaceful Muslims, which is 99.999.44.3/5ths of them, around the globe against the U.S. If saying [Read More]

“Temporary” Taxes Forever

November 29, 2015 MJA 4

CPR: Nothing is so permanent as a temporary tax. In California, the state’s most powerful public-employee lobbies are preparing two initiatives for the November 2016 ballot that would either extend [Read More]

Jim Jones/Bernie Sanders

November 29, 2015 BFH 6

“I love socialism, and I’d be willing to die to bring it about, but if I did, I’d take a thousand with me.” Jim Jones,  September 6, 1975

Jihad Games

November 29, 2015 Dr. Tar 0

A new training video shows Islamic State recruits being toughened up by playing leap frog and getting kicked in the nuts.    The best I can figure, the whole human pyramid thing [Read More]

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