Montana ranchers’ border watch

November 29, 2015 MJA 3

CanadaFreePress […] Yet, there is always hope when even a handful of people like the 100 or so ranchers and farmers in Montana don’t just talk about doing the right thing, but continue to DO the right thing, ignoring the risk of being branded bigots and [Read More]

FB blocked article exposing Bernie Sanders as hardcore Marxist

November 29, 2015 BFH 7

LibertyUnyielding: No sooner had author and speaker Trevor Loudon released a video exposing the radical ties of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Wednesday in anticipation of Loudon’s upcoming political documentary than media giant Facebook blocked a news article I had written discussing Sanders’s undeniable Marxist associations.

That’s A Strange Way to Attack Planned Parenthood

November 29, 2015 Dr. Tar 11

Robert Lewis Dear, the man arrested for the recent shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, must be the worse spree killer in history. Not a single employee or patient of the abortion provider was injured. But the left doesn’t pause for breath in their demand all Republican [Read More]

Governor ‘Big Oil Brown’ Jets Off to Paris Climate Summit

November 29, 2015 MJA 8

BigGovernment: With a whistle-blower leveraging the scandal regarding use of state staff to apparently evaluate geological data for the profitability of “fracking” on his private land, California Governor “Big Oil Brown” is headed for the limelight at the Paris climate change summit.

Hillary Clinton- Congenital Liar

November 29, 2015 MJA 11

NewYorkPost: To hear Hillary Clinton tell it, she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest — even though she was already 6 years old when he made his famous ascent. On a visit to war-torn Bosnia in 1996, she claimed she [Read More]

Nutella refuses to put 5-year-old’s name on custom jar

November 29, 2015 MJA 16

Nutella is waging war against Isis–the girl’s name at least. NYP: The company rejected making a personalized jar of its hazelnut spread for a 5-year-old Australian girl named after the Egyptian goddess — not the beheading-happy terror group, according to a report.

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