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2016 Can Be a Blessed Year, If….

CFP: As the world ponders the imminent dawning of the New Year with both trepidation and high hopes, our blessed nation also approaches 2016 with a mixture of dread on the one hand, and a sense of good things to come, on the other.

After more than seven exhausting years under the hostile, divisive, and incompetent governance of Barack Obama, America is ready to move on to a new era in which government tyranny and scandal can be replaced with less government interference and more individual liberty.

Rather than an living in an era in which powerful government figures openly flaunt the US Constitution and rule of law with arrogant impunity,  America eagerly awaits a return to the days when all Americans, regardless of rank or influence or wealth, are held accountable in a society where it is commonly accepted that no man, or woman, is above the law!

We long for a return to the days when cell phones and pens were not used to circumvent the will of we the people; a time in which the issuance of Executive Orders for the purpose of skirting the concepts of balance of power and co-equal branches of government was unthinkable, and which were inarguably “Impeachable Offenses.”  more here

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  1. Here’s how I see it. If Trump wins and follows through on what he has committed to, the untapped and dormant potential this country has will be incredible.

    I see a more secure nation with a rebounding economy providing more jobs to people that want them. I see the return of shame for the EBTers and welfare whores. I see energy independence, the end of ISIS and the mullahs wondering WTF.

    I see a very public pushback to the idiocy taking place in colleges. I see finally a confrontation with the ill-placed, left dominated support of Islam, an ending of the madness of the moslim and illegal invasion and at least a turning away from the PC insanity.

    As for a wish list list, I’d like to see Ginsberg, Kennedy and Roberts hit by foul balls at a Nationals’ game and have to retire. Ryan and McConnell too.

  2. I have to give Obama credit though. If it weren’t for him, I would not have taken a break from applying for jobs and then subsequently discover this site “by accident.” 600 plus jobs applied for the last 7 years under this tyrannical regime. But infinite IOTWReport laughs along the way. ?

  3. can we be asking too much for barry o’fraud to be convicted for usurpation of office for posting fraudulent
    documentation .. under the articles of impeachment
    drawn up by the NALC . Articles of Impeachment ..

  4. Ryan, McConnell, Boehner, and Obama given permanent residences in Gitmo. Don’t forget Kerry, Durbin, Leahey, Reid, Pelosi. Send a planeful down there. Water and stale bread for a year.

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