January 30, 2016 BFH 10

In our post earlier today about the Banjo Boy, Anonymous remarked about how similar he looked to Joe Biden. We thought so too, and cast Joe as the Banjo Boy [Read More]

13 Hours: A Review

January 30, 2016 Claudia 7

Knowing the end of this story does not diminish the powerful imagery and emotion of the retelling. My roommate and I settled in as we were introduced to the main [Read More]

More Goats

January 30, 2016 BFH 1

NM sends this video in as an addendum to the goat video that we ran last night. Here is a goat being interviewed about Obama and Hillary.  

Mean Tweets

January 30, 2016 BFH 29

The NY Times Compiled All of Donald Trump’s Insulting Tweets. He has a lot of them. (Question: will the NY Times compile a list of pandering, disingenuous, dishonest PC tweets [Read More]

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