February 29, 2016 MJA 5

Powerline Blog: Some times one thing leads to another, and you end up going down a rabbit hole of campus crazy. Wait—isn’t “rabbit hole” a speciesist metaphor? I’m sure it is somewhere. Will Rogers used to say that it’s no trouble being a humorist when [Read More]

Clinton’s Swiss Ally Gave Big Bucks To U.S. Campaigns

February 29, 2016 MJA 4

DC: Hansjorg Wyss, a billionaire Swiss citizen and multi-million dollar Clinton Foundation donor, gave 30 contributions to American political campaigns over a nine-year period, according to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Federal law has imposed a strict, across-the-board ban since 1966 on foreign nationals [Read More]

Amber Alert

February 29, 2016 BFH 12

Why are they assuming this is the kid’s dad? This has to be the weirdest on street interview I have ever seen. Something’s not right.

Two More and He Would Have Gotten a Turkey

February 29, 2016 BFH 19

I’m sorry for this title. No, really. I don’t like this story. The man is an absolute moron and he belongs in jail. NTDWA- Lisa Kroll went to feed her horses last summer and found a grease-spotted bowling ball on the floor of her barn [Read More]

His Cup Runneth Over

February 29, 2016 BFH 16

Jerry Manderin is a strange dude. I can only post 1/10th of what he sends. He said “to break up the monotony of the political fighting” I should consider posting a clip of an NFL hopeful running the 40 yard dash at the combines. In the [Read More]

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