We Added a “Like Post” Button

February 5, 2016 BFH 38

Menderman recommended adding a like post button because he says there are times he doesn’t have time, or feel the need, to comment on a post he likes. Since bloggers tend to rate success or failure based on the amount of comments a post generates [Read More]

Catching up with Corrine “Go Gatas” Brown

February 5, 2016 MJA 15

ACC: Another gov official caught with hand in cookie jar? U.S. House Representative Corrine Brown, who has provided bloggers with more internet comedy gold than perhaps anyone else on Capital Hill, seems to be wandering into that oh-so-frequently-played game of “Where’s the Money?!” that so many [Read More]

Our Continuing “Spotlight on Schmucks” Series

February 5, 2016 BFH 19

Here’s a schmuck—>  Professor of Computer Science Thomas Strothotte – Germany A senior German educator has called for all pupils in the country to be forced to study Arabic until they graduate in the interests of the multicultural state. Breitbart- Professor of Computer Science Thomas Strothotte and [Read More]


February 5, 2016 Dr. Tar 13

The Chris Christie campaign has come up with one of the more memorable ads so far this season.    More  In all fairness, Bernie Sanders has been in Washington for 25 years, what has he accomplished?  Marco’s only been there 5 years.  

Calm Down – It’s a Cultural Thing

February 5, 2016 BFH 19

And before you Islamophobes go condemning this poor guy, hear him out. He has a valid explanation. 10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Raped By Iraqi Migrant at Pool in Vienna An Iraqi migrant has admitted to raping a ten year old boy in a Viennese swimming pool [Read More]

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