Could genetically engineered mosquitoes combat the Zika virus?

August 5, 2016 MJA 9

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A company called Oxitec believes genetically engineered mosquitoes could fight the Zika virus. It’s waiting on approval to release millions of the mosquitoes in Florida. Its goal is to reduce the virus-carrying population by cutting down on their offspring, but the genetically modified mosquito hasn’t gotten off [Read More]

Just Some Good Clean Fun

August 5, 2016 Dr. Tar 17

For the Firemen’s parade in Arcadia, IA they put a person with a Hillary mask and prison jump suit into a mobile cage and paraded through town inviting bystanders to throw water balloons. It was a big hit. More Watch for the left to respond with something [Read More]

NIH To Begin Testing New Zika Vaccine On Humans

August 5, 2016 MJA 9

( – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced Wednesday the launch of a Phase 1 clinical trial to test a new Zika virus vaccine on humans, although the agency warned that it may be some time before the vaccine would be commercially available. “The [Read More]

Huge Brawl in Germany Asylum Centre

August 5, 2016 MJA 9

The Dortmund asylum seeker reception centre was the scene of the brawl where over a dozen migrants attacked each other, the entire incident caught on film. The injuries sustained by several of the migrants involved in the fight led to hospitalisations and authorities struggle to determine a [Read More]

Add Brain Aging To Down Side of Being Obese

August 5, 2016 Dr. Tar 14

British scientists studying the brain have found that middle-aged people (deemed 50 years old) who had a BMI over 25 had brains that were 10 years older. “We found that those who were overweight had significantly smaller volume of white matter compared with their lean [Read More]

The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior

August 5, 2016 MJA 33

Paul Joseph Watson- Hillary’s bizarre behavior and strange seizures: Is she having a breakdown or does she actually have brain damage? I asked mental health experts about her strange outbursts that have been caught on camera. h/t BookwormRoom

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