2017 became the year progressives should be ashamed of themselves for celebrating and enabling mental illness


This clip is not funny. I’m done posting these so we can have 2 minutes of hate. This is a severely mentally disturbed young man who obviously needs help. He does not need people around him encouraging him to travel further down the path of delusion. He should not be celebrated in the news as a symbol of new enlightenment in society.

And I’m not even talking about him thinking he is Filipino.  (You read that right.) As always, I’m talking about him thinking he’s a woman.

I’m not mad at him. I don’t hate him. I hate the left.

My mom works with a lot of people who are migrating to the United States; you know, from all over the world. Like the staff is almost entirely made up of people who emigrate here. One of her best friends from work is named Ja Du, and she’s so nice; she’s cute; she’s really, really fun. It just had a ring to it. I love that name. That’s what I want to be; I want to be that happy person.

I want to be happy, is what he is saying. Of course that is the goal of every human, but we don’t celebrate them when doing heroin is all they can think of to make them happy. We intervene and get them help.

I guess the left doesn’t think this guy needs help. He needs a parade so that we can show him that we fully embrace his delusions. That’ll make him happy.

(Maybe my rant is moot in this particular instance. The guy looks like he’s in a woman’s hospital gown. To that I say, “what makes this guy any different than any other confused soul? Either you put them all away, or none of them away.”)

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  1. Worse is when people that are clearly mentally ill start winning elections like in VA. I saw that individual and everything about ‘him’ screams mentally ill. I’m not calling him a her. I don’t think it is enlightened and wonderful to encourage this destructive behavior either but I also sure as hell am more worried about a snowflake society that will elect these nuts to make laws I have to follow. That is insanity.

  2. I was at the gym the other day and one of the regulars is a hard training woman. A prison guard at Folsom. Lots of tats. She could be ex military. I aways figured she was conservative. I don’t talk much in the gym. I overheard a conversation she was have with one of her friends a she says “You’re going to make the party Saturday for my sons Gender Reveal right?” I’m hoping that was a joke.

  3. Eventually — maybe it’s happening now — the Left will champion and celebrate people who commit gruesome crimes — like Dahmer — as people who find happiness in things like cannibalism. The Left doesn’t seem to be too upset with so-called honor killings (murder) or mutilating the genitals of girls, which are gruesome enough. This is what happens when you have no anchor of morality, no right and wrong, no normal and abnormal.

    I think Trump is working in something having to do with mental health and hopefully it will again be culturally ok to call people crazy.

  4. The media is excusing their behavior. The media runs this country by saying what is ok and what isn’t.
    Who put them in charge I know I didn’t

  5. BB
    I think Gender reveal is when lefties have “Baby Bump”
    an are about to deliver they have a party to reveal the Baby’s gender. Lefties are just twisted. Boy? or a Girl?

  6. Well. Ok. I’m actually with you on the not hating them part.

    Doesn’t mean my foot won’t accidentally be in their way as they walk by, though. Trip happens.

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