Numb Nutz Giving Themselves Frostbite

February 4, 2017 Dr. Tar 23

  Doctors say it’s been around for years, pouring salt on some spot on your body then seeing how long you can hold an ice cube over it.  Idiots that attempt the challenge are ending up with permanent damage from the 3rd degree level frostbite [Read More]

‘Dr Evil’ tattoo artist accused of mutilating his clients

February 4, 2017 MJA 12

Mirror UK: The owner of ‘Dr Evils Body Modification Emporium’ has appeared in court today accused of mutilating his clients. Brendan McCarthy or self proclaimed ‘Mac ‘Dr Evil’ McCarthy’ faces three counts of causing serious injury relating to consensual piercing and body modifying at his [Read More]

New crop of books nobody wants

February 4, 2017 MJA 25

BH: Try to restrain your excitement — Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and John Kasich are all writing books. Think how many trees are going to die for … what? And then there’s the carbon footprint. All those trucks taking all those thousands of books to [Read More]

Democrats Accuse Trump Of Anti-Ginsburg Tactics

February 4, 2017 MJA 29

WASHINGTON (World News Bureau) – A growing number of Democrats are accusing the Trump administration of attempting to hasten Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s departure from the Supreme Court. Their concerns center around recent reports that the administration immediately replaced the carpet in Ginsburg’s chambers with [Read More]

Obamacare enrollment sluggish in final weeks

February 4, 2017 MJA 3

WaEx: Last-minute Obamacare enrollments dropped significantly this year compared to last year, as the debate over Republican vows to repeal and replace the law heats up. A total of more than 9.2 million people selected health plans on the federal website during its fourth [Read More]

Clothes Make the Progressive

February 4, 2017 Dr. Tar 28

“Imagine my embarrassment when I was fire bombing the Chase bank and Seth was wearing the same exact Robert James as I was!” In an all too predictable and uncreative move, fashion designer Robert James rolled out his radical chic line of leftist street bully wear [Read More]

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