Texas: Teen duct-taped to pole after losing a bet

March 31, 2017 MJA 12

HOUSTON, TX (InsideEdition.com) — Cops in Texas were called to the side of a highway this week after responding to a report of a man taped to an intersection traffic sign, a peculiar sight that was reportedly motivated by a bet. Right as police approached [Read More]

Plain Jane and Other iOTWreport Screen Names

March 31, 2017 BFH 255

I just posted the explanation behind my screen name, and Abigail Adams had a great suggestion. What is the meaning behind your screen name? Plain Jane “claims” it’s because she was a homely kid. Perhaps. But my bet is she’s not a homely adult. There [Read More]

The Story Behind the Name BigFurHat

March 31, 2017 BFH 56

This is not a vanity piece. People ask now and then about my screen name. Someone just asked in an email today. So rather than just emailing them back I figured I would make it a post in case anyone else is wondering. Way back in [Read More]

3 in custody in connection with I-85 fire, bridge collapse

March 31, 2017 MJA 22

AJC: State investigators arrested three people Friday in connection with a fire that caused the collapse of a heavily traveled section of I-85. Jay Florence, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Insurance, which includes the fire marshal’s office, identified the three as: Basil Eleby, [Read More]


March 31, 2017 BFH 37

Apparently you aren’t “learning to quiet the mind in order to feel subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence, strengthen self-awareness, and accepting every aspect of who you are,” unless you have an overly-priced piece of stone in your hooha.   Oddly, after all that self-righteousness and self-assurance, [Read More]


March 31, 2017 Dr. Tar 24

Mexico City came up with a novel approach to remind metro city riders to not be so rude to female passengers or just a way to annoy people trying to sit down on the train. Watch 

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