Cliven Bundy refuses to leave jail amid ongoing trial

November 30, 2017 MJA 5

FOX – Cliven Bundy, the 71-year-old rancher who sparked a national debate over states’ rights, refused a federal judge’s offer to be released from jail during his ongoing trial on Wednesday. Bundy, who engaged in an armed standoff with government agents over a cattle round-up in [Read More]

‘Full Cold Moon’

November 30, 2017 MJA 12   Supermoon 2017: When and How to See December’s ‘Full Cold Moon’. When the “Full Cold Moon” rises on Sunday night (Dec. 3). It will also be the first (and last) “supermoon” of 2017. Supermoons happen when a full moon approximately coincides with [Read More]

ESPN to lay off 150 people

November 30, 2017 MJA 13

FOX: ESPN President John Skipper announced Wednesday morning the network will be terminating approximately 150 employees, bringing the total number of employees the network has let go in 2017 to about 250. Of the latest round of layoffs, Skipper stated, “We appreciate their contributions, and [Read More]

Laura Ingraham Interviews Marco Rubio

November 30, 2017 MJA 10

CTH: There’s a big con job just over the horizon.  All of the elements are there.  The timing, the platform, the personalities, the discussion topics, etc., it’s a familiar script.  CTH would like to direct attention to this interview which took place last night on [Read More]

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