The average Venezuelan Lost 24lbs as Maduro got fatter

February 28, 2018 BFH 6

DANGEROUS: 90 percent of Venezuelans have been hurled into poverty as the resource-rich nation continues to undergo food shortages and a staggering economic crisis. Now, a new report shows the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds of body weight in 2017. On Wednesday, three universities published an annual [Read More]

Enter the Dragon Lady

February 28, 2018 MJA 31

MIRROR UK: Transgender woman spends more than £40k to turn herself into a DRAGON – complete with forked tongue. A woman who claims to be the ‘most modified transsexual in the world’ has spent more than £42,000 to become a DRAGON. Eva Tiamat Medusa’s transformation [Read More]

Update on the White House barricade crasher

February 28, 2018 MJA 24

DANGEROUS: A woman taken into custody after driving her car into a White House barricade claims President Trump is her fiancée. Law enforcement believes the crash was purposeful, but isn’t saying whether the president or White House was targeted, reports Fox News. Secret service has [Read More]

Do Not Fall For the “Universal Basic Income” Scam

February 28, 2018 BFH 30

UBI is a program whose advocates say would reduce poverty by providing everyone with a basic economical foundational starting point, as a way to stimulate the economy. Gallup says almost half of Americans support the idea. Forget discussing the economic merits, whether they exist or [Read More]

Schumer slammed for sexually suggestive talking point

February 28, 2018 MJA 6

FOX: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made what one Twitter user called “the worst argument for net neutrality ever” Wednesday when he attempted to pull off a sly reference to the hookup euphemism “Netflix and chill.” The tweet in question was part of a thread [Read More]

Name the Reader

February 28, 2018 BFH 65

Our last reader was RadioMattM, looking a lot like someone that could be in my family photo album. Here’s are next reader—>

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