What happened to Spring?

March 24, 2018 MJA 22

Increasing sea ice is a result of human-caused global warming. Here we go again. Apparently, the warmer it gets, the icier it gets. And we’re supposed to believe it. “Ships [Read More]

Fake Indian, Fake research

March 24, 2018 MJA 15

American Thinker: New study debunks Elizabeth Warren’s signature ‘scholarship’. Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat who wormed her way into the Harvard University faculty lounge as a professor by falsely marketing herself [Read More]

Iranians Terrorize Cyberspace

March 24, 2018 Dr. Tar 5

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice named nine Iranians and their organization, Mabna, and charged them with hacking university and commercial research facilities around the world to steal their intellectual properties [Read More]

Meanwhile, in Florida: Taco Terrorism

March 24, 2018 MJA 15

DANGEROUS: Meet the Taco Terrorists, Florida’s New Wave of Hispanic ISIS Converts. Nearly a half-decade ago, writing from London, I identified a chilling trend in home-grown terror: the remarkable prevalence [Read More]

Guess the Reader

March 24, 2018 BFH 37

Our last reader was …. WillysGoa…. Wait, it wasn’t WillysGoatGruff. He just knows who everyone else is. It was …. LadyInRed! Our next reader is..

Is Governor Jerry Brown Mentally Ill?

March 24, 2018 MJA 19

American Thinker: Leftists are relentlessly selling their bogus narrative that Trump is insane.  Here are samples of leftists’ headlines: “Lawmakers Met With Psychiatrist About Trump’s Mental Health,” “President Trump’s Mental State [Read More]

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