Ireland gets beastly snow storm on St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2018 MJA 8

IAN: “The Beast from the East Vol.2,” reads headline on Sputnik News. “Son of the Beast,” The Independent calls it. 17 Mar 2018 – “Another snowstorm has brought 70 mph icy blasts and up to 25 cm (10 inches) of snowfall, painting Britain white, as temperatures [Read More]

Defending McCabe is going to bite them in the a$$

March 17, 2018 MJA 30

Patriot Retort: Last night, on the recommendation of the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the Inspector General’s office, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe. And within seconds, the Enslaved Press and Democrat opportunists were howling to the heavens about the so-called mistreatment of [Read More]

Islam’s ‘Slow Motion Genocide’ of Christians

March 17, 2018 MJA 13

Raymond Ibrahim: Iraqi Archbishop Bashar Warda made the following observation during a recent speech:  “Having faced for 1,400 years the slow-motion genocide that began long before the ongoing ISIS genocide today, the time for excusing this inhuman behavior and its causes is long since passed.” [Read More]

Eleven Other Republicans Running in the Utah Senate Race

March 17, 2018 Dr. Tar 13

  Utah republicans now have an even dozen candidates to choose from in their June 26th primary to run for the Senate in the Mid-terms. Eleven other candidates filed the necessary papers Thursday to challenge the notion of a Mitt Romney “coronation” to the U.S. Senate. More  While most of the challengers [Read More]

‘What Happened’ to Hillary’s Wrist?

March 17, 2018 MJA 32

  American Thinker: Recently, while visiting India’s ancient city of Mandu, in Madhya Pradesh, accident-prone tourist Hillary Clinton lost her footing and skidded down the stairs of 13th-century Jahaz Mahal.  It happened as Mrs. Clinton and an escort descended the stone stairs like the mother of [Read More]

Mike Rowe: ‘Americans Don’t Value Work Anymore’

March 17, 2018 MJA 29

Daily Caller: Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe believes that many Americans are dissatisfied with their lives because they no longer appreciate the intrinsic value of work. In a pre-recorded interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that aired Friday, Rowe accused the American media of convincing people [Read More]

Seattle’s Boondoggle Vouchers

March 17, 2018 Dr. Tar 5

  It was suppose to even the playing field for candidates rich and poor, Democracy Vouchers.  In a response to Citizens United, political reformers in Seattle passed a law giving voters “vouchers” worth $25. The voters were to donate those vouchers to their favorite candidates who would [Read More]

Pelosi was on TV again

March 17, 2018 MJA 14

American Mirror: As speculation grows that Nancy Pelosi will not lead House Democrats after the fall election, it’s not hard to see why her colleagues want to replace her. While addressing reporters on Thursday, Pelosi lost her breath during several short sentences, suffered more brain [Read More]

Shep Smith is too big for his britches

March 17, 2018 MJA 27

  He’s working Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham’s last good nerves. Story here—>Sean Hannity: Shep Smith Is ‘Clueless’ About What I Do. PS. Click on the picture for a bonus.

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