Hacker Who Turned Chelsea Manning Over to FBI Dies

March 17, 2018 BFH 14

37 years old, no toxicology report yet, but authorities say there is nothing suspicious. If it’s not suicide and there is no blood-letting or an accident, how a 37 year-old can be dead and have it be immediately declared not suspicious is suspicious. Why not [Read More]

Illegals Have Taken Over California Construction Jobs

March 17, 2018 BFH 21

Pamela Geller for Dr. Rich Swier A whistleblower who works in the construction industry in southern California said illegals have “taken over every trade” in his business, and wages are suffering. The whistleblower made the claim while speaking with Progressives for Immigration Reform. He said [Read More]

Moron Labe

March 17, 2018 BFH 13

Received this yesterday—> Fur, I was struck by the absolute intellectual dissonance this image presents. Though I should not be, I am constantly amazed at the abject, and almost eager, willful, ignorance of anti-Americans. Yet, I wondered if there might be something else in play, given their [Read More]

Buh Bye Toys R’ Us- You Blew It

March 17, 2018 BFH 26

Kids like toys. Toys R’ Us was synonymous with toys. Its name recognition was unparalleled in the industry. How could they go out of business? Marezilla has a rant- Da Tech Guy Much like a certain failed U.S. Presidential candidate, Toys ‘R’ Us is blaming its [Read More]

Jeff Flake may challenge Trump in 2020

March 17, 2018 MJA 17

American Thinker: Senator Jeff Flake was in New Hampshire to speak at the famous “politics and eggs” event at St. Anselm College where many a presidential hopeful has auditioned for the role. So, naturally, one of the most prominent NeverTrumpers in politics would fuel speculation [Read More]

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