Schadenfreude: Kimmel surrenders

May 14, 2018 MJA 15

AT: Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who’s hosting the Oscars maybe next year and something else at Lincoln Center’s Geffen Hall (his schedule doesn’t look particularly exceptional), has noticed something [Read More]

Vote For Cuomo, Not the …

May 14, 2018 BFH 14

Mario Cuomo’s thuggy, low brow, Neanderthal son, Andrew, was roundly believed to have created the campaign slogan that made it’s way on telephone poles in the Cuomo corridor of Queen’s [Read More]

Religion of Peace Strikes Again

May 14, 2018 BFH 11

May 13 (UPI) — A family of suicide bombers attacked Christian churches in Muslim-majority Indonesia, killing seven worshipers and security personnel and injuring dozens more. All six family members died in [Read More]

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