Hillary’s Improvised Muumuu is Ridiculous

March 18, 2018 BFH 39

Does she think this is fooling anyone, or that it looks better than wearing a cast? More pics with the annoying synthesized voice news reporting HERE. Soon, this is what Hillary will look like anyway. She should embrace it- Pic Via Whatfinger HT/BeachMom

Gun Confiscation Begins in Florida

March 18, 2018 BFH 16

Sun-Sentinel Broward County judge on Friday issued the state’s first order temporarily removing guns from a person under Florida’s new gun-control laws. Four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition were ordered removed from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man who was determined to be a potential risk to himself [Read More]

Guess the Reader

March 18, 2018 BFH 54

The last reader was… Geoff C. The Saltine! Our next reader is…   The hint is…  Again???

Can’t Wait For Spring

March 18, 2018 Claudia 13

Images from: 1 & 2 Bayouwulf (Penny) 3 LadyGun12 4 JustAl 5 & 6 Dee 7 Bob 8 Tim 9 Jane 10 RickeyG (Esther) 11 Reiuxcat 12 sTevo 13 & 14 Sturge Submit your critter pictures for an upcoming Sunday Critters. Please email them to: [Read More]

Where Do I Get My Hunting License For Humans?

March 18, 2018 BFH 23

DT- Here’s a tweet Kaine sent out recently: Tim Kaine Ten rounds. That’s the magazine limit allowed in Kentucky while hunting deer. Yet when we call for similar limits on assault weapons used in mass shootings, we’re told it violates the 2nd Amendment. Why are [Read More]

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