2019 pit crew versus 1981

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  1. Damm had to watch that a few times to believe it

    4 tires in 3 seconds

    I”d pay an extra 50 bucs per tire at the local tire shop if they could do that for my car

  2. Probably 4 or 5 lug nuts per wheel in 1981 vs. 1 lug nut in 2019, plus about 4 pit team members that could touch the car vs. a dozen or more in 2019. Not to mention better jacks, better “speed wrenches”, etc. in 2019. The 2019 team is on top of their game though regardless of anything else.

  3. I had a buddy that was the “gas” man on a busch car crew. All of the pit crew had scheduled workouts at the gym and practiced each aspect of the job weekly. Jumping over that wall with 90# of gas, sticking it in the appropriate hole and unloading it in fewer than 5 seconds was the goal.
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  4. I recall reading an article that they don’t use lug or spanner nuts anymore. Something about a expanding and contracting hub or other type device. Jacks are usually pneumatic and built into car. Insert air hose, car goes up. Remove and goes down.

  5. That may have been a 1981 F1 pit stop, but it wasn’t a particularly fast one, even for that day.

  6. I was wondering why the bottom was just a picture until I realized I had blinked at the wrong moment.

  7. If you’re unfortunate enough to have to call for emergency medical help: If your professional firefighters show up, it’s an awesome sight as each FF knows where to go, what to do, who does what and the patient is stabilized (if possible), all meds are recorded along with names of every one in the home, medical papers are logged, etc, long before an ambulance shows up.
    Seen it. Outstanding.

  8. Did you hear about the NASCAR driver who was disqualified from the race and also received a camera inspired ticket for making an illegal right turn?

  9. The 1981 crew was analog, and the 2019 crew was digital. The digital crew was boring as a specator.

    The cars are maxed-out at a certain speed, so what’s the difference if they can get faster finish times if the race elements are boring to watch? Kind of like the difference between a play and watching a tv show. I mean, why even go to the race if you can watch it on tv?

    What’s next, the Olympics allow marathon runners to use scooters?

    The character is gone.


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