Proudly Red, White and Blue

June 30, 2019 Claudia 11

Images from: 1 Bayouwulf (Happy Independence Day from Ernie!)2 Truckbuddy (Stewie)4 Different Tim (Geese in Black river which feeds into the St. Clair river) The rest of the images are [Read More]

Where Is Justice?

June 30, 2019 Claudia 13

Someone sent me this video because the speaker has some interesting thoughts about President Trump and the 2020 election. Although it states that it’s a “Prophetic Word for Donald Trump”, [Read More]

Volcanoes are cooling our planet

June 29, 2019 MJA 13

Ice Age Now: Powerful high-level eruptions have been ongoing at Raikoke volcano, Russia ever-since the massive unexpected explosion that took place on June 21-22. According to the Volcanic Ash Advisory [Read More]

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