His Underwear Gave Him Away

October 30, 2019 Dr. Tar 30

U.S. intelligence had to use the clever ruse of a fake vaccination program in order to get Bin Laden’s DNA prior to the raid. The spy craft used to acquire al-Bahgdadi’s genetic information [Read More]

Metaphor Alert!!!

October 30, 2019 BFH 25

Check out this photo-op picture. Tip of the hat to Michael LaChance of Legal Insurrection. Bernie seems at home in this picture. There isn’t even ONE brand of deodorant to [Read More]

US v. California

October 30, 2019 MJA 4

BPR: President Trump challenges state sanctuary law in Supreme Court. The Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to toss a California law barring state authorities from cooperating with federal [Read More]

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