2020 — CNN’s Harry Enten: Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Below-Par Candidate’

Breitbart: CNN Politics senior writer and analyst Harry Enten branded Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) a “below-par candidate” following the launch of the progressive firebrand’s 2020 presidential exploratory committee Monday. He highlighted that Hillary Clinton won Massachusetts by a wider margin in the 2016 presidential election than the senator’s 2018 re-election bid.

A partial transcript is as follows:

PAMELA BROWN: You say Warren’s best performance in the 2018 midterms is one of the weakest for a Democratic Senate candidate, even though she won by 24 points. Explain that. What about those numbers?

HARRY ENTEN: The fact is Massachusetts is a very blue state. Hillary Clinton won there by 27 points. Liz Warren only won there by 24, and keep in mind that 2018 was a much better year for Democrats nationwide. The fact that Liz Warren did worse than Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts suggests that perhaps she’s a below-par candidate.  MORE

13 Comments on 2020 — CNN’s Harry Enten: Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Below-Par Candidate’

  1. How can you possibly compare?

    Pantsuit wearers
    Lied about their past (*Sir Edmund Hillary)
    Dykey females

    Why would we want one of those running for President in 2020 when we already rejected one in 2016?

  2. Old 1024 or is it 1032? I tink she’s a good candidate!

    Had to be an injun in the woodpile 7 otr 8 generations ago.

  3. They’ll find another smiling, fast talking con artist that captures their imagination just like when Obama materialized out of obscurity to take center stage.
    They don’t need to be honest or have a grasp on the issues they just need to exude charm and represent the proper image.
    It’s all a performance and a bad joke.

  4. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was struck down today by a van driven by CNN Politics senior writer and analyst Harry Enten. During his perp walk when asked why he did it,,response was ‘if this lying twat can’t bring me some legitimacy to keep my BS job, than F’her.’

  5. Gee Wally, if CNN sez yer “Below-Par”, I think whut really means is that you just can’t suck enough!

    Yeah Beave, either that or your campaign funds just aren’t big enough to pay them to say something nice…

  6. Warren is a proven liar.
    Warren has gamed the system with impunity.
    Warren is less than 1% Amer-Indian, even though she profited from Affirmative Action on that account.
    Warren has amassed a fortune without having ever worked a day in her life.
    Warren bobs her head funny when talking, and makes no sense, whatsoever.

    Warren is the PERFECT Demonrat Candidate.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. “Exploratory Committee”?
    Will she and her entourage paddle canoes down the Ohio to the Mississippi, then go up the Missouri to go trade wampum?


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